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People are forever asking me about my hair care routine on YouTube could they want to know um how. I keep my hair shiny, and how it looks. I don’t know apparently it looks pretty on camera, and people want to know why um. So, I’ll going to go through, I’ll going to tell you about my hair care routine now first of all let me tell you what. I can’t do, I’ll not a hairstylist, I’ll a normal person that’s just done a bunch of research. So I will tell you what. I do know and, I’ll tell you what. I do but there are some things. I can’t tell you like how to grow your hair more um whether it’s growing more hair are growing it longer um, I’ve had long hair ever since. I was years old. So This not something that. I actually like let me sit down, and grow hair This not something, I’ve really done a lot of um, and if you have specific questions like on color treated hair. I know nothing about color treated hair. So I can’t really help you too much there those disclaimers aside. I can’t tell you what.

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I do with my hair and, I’ve used or at least, I’ve gotten my sister’s to try these things they have the opposite texture of hair to me. Because. I have very fine thin hair, and they had very thick coarse hair, and it’s worked fantastically for them as well. So I think this will be good for you guys. I think it will be helpful um. So yeah. So, I’ll going to do um. I do also want to say. I have an inordinate amount of hair care products. I cannot justify the amount of hair care products that. I own. I was. I started out collecting hair stuff. Because. I was like well. I have this YouTube my blog, and people are always asking me about um hair care products. So I should be trying a bunch, and now, I’ll just like. I have too many. So try not to judge me too much um, I’ll just going to try to help you guys, I’ll going to tell you guys about how. I do it like the principles that govern my hair care routine my hair care routine, and then, I’ll tell you, I’ll not going to review but. I will tell you the products that. I use, I’ll going to start adding in um product reviews on my blog. So, I’ll going to save that info for those posts. Because that will just make this post like minutes long, and that is ridiculous. So we’re going to skip all that. So okay first of all let’s talk about my routine or actually know stuff about principles. So the principles that cover my hair care are to cleanse good, and protect my hair the reason why. I have all those cleansing. I think is important. Because you need to get rid of excessive buildup on your hair. So build up from products build up from dirt build up from oil all that stuff is going to build up on your hair, and it’s going to weigh your hair down now when you have thin hair it happens a lot, and it happens really easily, and very noticeably. So I have to cleanse my hair sing something that’s very important to me. And I generally do that with a anti residue shampoo once a week talk about that more later but that is the reason why. I do that. So that my hair can have more natural volume, and not be. So weighed down by other products also. So that. I can get the residue off and.

So that the products that, I’ll using can actually get in there, and work on my hair. So think is important to use at least one product in your system that cleanses your hair, and gets rid of all the gunk, and nastiness umber one number two is to condition. I think conditioning is important. Because when your here is well moisturize, and its supple, and it’s soft it looks great it looks a lot shinier it looks a lot healthier additionally it’s not you’re not going to have as much trouble with your ends. Because having little having ends that kind of frayed out mines need to be cut right now. Because it’s been about five months since. I cut my hair um but when you have you’re not going to be able to see them. I can trust. I can pick it up but when your hair gets dry it tends to kind of Freya. I call it like a palm tree it’s like when you hold your ends up, and they’re doing this number at the very end they’re starting to get dry, and then after they do that for a little while they split, and that’s. Because they’re getting dry they’re getting old it happens it’s part of hair cut once they get to once it’s about this long this hair is like eight or nine years old. So maybe not that old um a good couple years old though. So once. I get to this point you want to keep it as moisturize, and as supple as possible, and that way you keep it from getting nasty starting to fray. So, I’ll going to get frizzy just a little bit longer additionally frizz is generally caused by dryness, and the hair, and when you have little flyaway that’s caused by both breakage, and then dryness. Because your hair will break up here, and then you get essentially one of those little palm tree effects, and it goes like that, and then you can see all the little things like, and a good way to protect against that is to condition quite a bit. So that’s um really why conditioning is. So important to me now people are probably going to ask in the comments. So that, I’ve mentioned it how often should you get your hair cut you should get your hair cut as soon as you start seeing significant damage on the ends. Because once you can look down, and you can see some split ends, and you can see that your ends are doing you know this little number it’s time to get it cut. Because once it starts doing that that means that there’s damage right here, and that damage can then travel up your hair shaft, and you would have to get more cut off. So that’s why you want to get it cut um somewhat more frequently but you don’t necessarily have to get it cut every six weeks. I heard people say that it really just depends on your overall hair health if you’re looking at in your ends look fine don’t worry about it you don’t need to get them trimmed if you’re looking down your ends look a little dicey test about when you want to start going in, and see your hairstylist. So for me.

I can wait four to six months before my ends start really getting like okay. I need to cut these things off but other people you know it might be a little bit shorter. So that one’s up to you but that’s the principle that governs how often. I cut my hair, and then the very last thing is to protect, and the reason why it’s important to protect your hair is. Because heat is going to undo everything that you work to do on your hair when you condition it takes all the moisture out of your hair, and it makes it brittle, and it makes it a lot less um strong yeah. I didn’t think of the word but it makes it easier to break which would add to flyaway. So you want to use a heat protestant as much as you can, and then stay away from heat as much as you can. I blow-dry my hair every time. I wash it which isn’t an amazing for it but. I always do use a heat protestant, and then. I hardly ever use heat tools on my hair. I use curling irons when. I make tutorials. And I don’t use a straightened. Because This its natural texture. So my overall recommendation there use the heat protestant anytime you use heat use it when you blow-dry your hair, and then use it again if you use a heat tool, and try to stay away from the heat tools as much as possible. So those are all the principles, and then how often. I wash my hair, and how. I wash my hair. Because people always ask this too. I wash my hair every other day. Because it’s important for your natural oils to get to work on your hair, and to nourish your hair, I’ve noticed that my hair is a lot better whenever it’s kind of taking care of itself naturally. So I try to do every other day sometimes it’s hard to skip that second day. And I don’t have time in this post to talk about that, and talk about how to make that happen. So put a pin in that thought, I’ll do it in another post but. I will eventually talk about making it through that second day. Because. I know with fine thin hair it is very hard to make it through that second day sometimes especially if you have an oily scalp but if you can it’s good to do. So I washed my hair dye every other day. And I when. I do people always ask how. I shampoo my hair. I put my shampoo in my hair. I put all my hair on top of my head. And I scrub it that’s not necessarily how you’re supposed to do it but it’s how. I do it, and then. I went after. I get the soap off through my hair then. I reach my hair or my hands into my roots. And I massage my roots that way. I can clean my scalp a little bit. Because your scalp needs to be cleaned just as much as your hair does. So that actually helps my hair to have more natural volume as well without having to use like mousses, and stuff like that. So it’s a good thing to do, and then when. I use my conditioner. I put it through the ends only. So through this area. Because. I have an oily scalp it would kind of make my hair more oily if. I was to put it all up here. So I keep it down here, and then. I put a little tiny bit on the ends of my friend right here just to keep them healthy, and then.

I put it all in a knot at the back of my neck. And I leave it there while. I wash myself brush my teeth do whatever um. So that it has more time to sit, and work on my hair but. I put it in a knot. Because. I don’t want it sitting on my back, and clogging my pores cut that’s kind of gross. So yeah that’s. I think all of this stuff that. I needed to say about showering the people always ask me this questions. So I wanted to get that in there okay. So now that, I’ve talked about principles, and everything for eight minutes let’s talk about what. I actually do um. So I use daily every time. I take a shower which you know every other day. I use a moisturizing shampoo, and a moisturizing conditioner. I chose moisturizing shampoos, and conditioners. Because. I think your shampoo, and your conditioner ought to be your hair care they ought to be what takes care of your hair, and then if you want to add volume or. So, and touched your texture to your hair you can do that later with leave-in products like a mousse or a spray or something like that but. I really think that your shampoos, and your conditioners ought to be about taking care of your hair. So every day. I use a moisturizing shampoo, and conditioner. And I like if you’re looking in the drugstore. I like the suave professionals moisturizing almond, and sheaf butter shampoo or the rim pure organics my pretty hair is parched moisturizing shampoo both of those are great talk about them later, and then if you’re looking for a more higher not really high-end but higher. And I really like the Rusk moist shampoo smells phenomenal it’s like strawberries. And I really like it um. So I moisturize you shampoo, and then. I only have one daily conditioner. Because you see. I have a couple shampoos that. I like This my daily conditioner This the only conditioner. I care about using. Because it’s phenomenal it’s only three dollars of the drugstore, and it’s the suave almond, and sheaf butter conditioner. So it’s the twin to the shampoo that. I just showed. So This phenomenal. So those are the you don’t have to use three shampoos. I don’t use those two shampoos every time. I take a shower those are three moisturizing shampoos that. I think are good that’s it. I use the moisturizing shampoo, and a moisturizing conditioner, and then when. I get out of the shower. I use a leave-in conditioner. And I think leave-in conditioners are important. Because it just keeps adding moisture in your hair. I notice a huge difference when. I do that it also helps to detangle your hair. So if you have thick hair you’re not going to be breaking your hair by trying to brush it out as much. Because it helps to detangle, and it also helps to moisturize your hair, and do all the stuff that your conditioner is doing. So it’s just adding to what we’re already doing. So my recommendation for that is got to these smooth operator leave-in conditioner this also is pretty much the only one that. I use. I really love it um. So you have to it’s phenomenal. I think that’s all. I have to say about that yep, and then the last thing that. I do every single time. I take a shower is use a heat protestant. Because. I always blow dry my hair. Because if. I don’t blow-dry my hair it’s really flat like you think This flat you just don’t even know, and my favorite one which is just missing it today.

I can’t find it is the Tresemme heat tamer spray, and if you watch any tutorial in which. I use heat. I use that um sprite it’s about three dollars at any discount or drugstore, and it works really well. I like it a lot another great one if you have thick hair, and you’re looking for something to help smooth your hair down, and give it some shine as well as to protect your hair is got to be crazy sleek conditioning Flatiron, and blow dry lotion this stuff is really good if you have thin here it kind of weighs my hair down. So if you have thin hair you might want to stick away from this just. Because it really does weigh my hair down a lot but if you have thicker hair This a phenomenal product. So I really like it a lot um but yeah. So I always use a heat protestant. So again to recap every single time. I take a shower. I use a moisturizing shampoo, and conditioner, and then. I use a leave-in conditioner, and then. I use a heat protestant before. I blow-dry my hair, and if. I use any styling tools then. I blow-dry all right heat protestant before that as well um and, I’ve already gone over why. I do all of that it’s to keep my hair nicely conditioned. I used the protestant to keep my hair from getting damaged by heat, and yes, and then additionally once a week. I use my anti residue shampoo by Neutrogena it looks like this it’s about six dollars. I had one that lasted me for a year This only my second bottle IVs, and stuff for like a year, and a half it’s ridiculous, and what this does is it completely strips your hair of everything. So you do not want to do this more than once a week. Because that also means it’s taking away your natural oils which you don’t want to do too often but it won’t get rid of all the build-up that you have from maybe mousses or different products that you’re putting in your hair often this will help to take all that away additionally it’ll take away excess oil, and build-up that helps to make some natural volume in your hair. So it’s not. So weighed down, and heavy it also helps to take away all the stuff that’s sitting on top of your hair. So that your products can get in, and actually work on your hair it’s kind of like exfoliating your skin you have to exfoliate those dead skin cells off. So that your moisturizers can get in, and work on your skin this does the same thing for your hair. So big fan. I would use this. And I really know like This what makes it possible for me to go every other day without washing my hair. Because without this. I cannot do, and the last thing that. I do. And I do these things in the same shower. I use this. I don’t use another shampoo after it. I just use this one, and then. I use this, and that’s my This my new deep conditioner, and the past.

I’ve used the hake minute miracle deep conditioner works fine it’s like three dollars. I like it. I just like this one better, and This the REM pure organics amazing miracle deep penetrating Reconstruct or it’s phenomenal This a gel based conditioner it feels like a gel like if you were to squeeze out some hair gel to put in your hair that’s what this feels like. I find that it absorbs really well, and it coats the hair really well without weighing my hair down or anything like that, and it gives an amazing shine, and it really does help to nourish, and improve the general texture of my hair. So I use this once a week as kind of um something to augment what, I’ll already doing, and make it work even better make my hair even healthier. So that’s a lot of stuff. I know. So let me just tell you what. I think is good to do if you are not really, I’ll going to give you steps okay the first step is to start using a moisturizing shampoo, and conditioner. So if you don’t have one of those already use up what you have, and then kit, and moisturizing shampoo, and conditioner cut that’s really going to help you a lot. Because then every day you’re moisturizing your hair or every time you shower you’re moisturizing your hair, and you’re taking care of your hair if you already have that or then the next step after that is to start using. I would say start using a heat protestant. Because if you’re using heat, and you’re not using a protestant that is killing your hair. So it’s three thing get protected um it’s really good for you. So if you’re already using a moisturizing shampoo, and here protect it then. I recommend adding a leave-in conditioner. Because it’s really important. And I think This one of those things that it just really helps my hair a lot, and then if you’re doing all of those, and you just really want to get crazy with it, and be a crazy person like me that. I would recommend adding these things in. So. Because. I know all of you guys some of you guys are high scholars you’re not going to be able to go out, and buy everything that’s completely understandable um maybe some of you guys don’t really want to spend that much effort on your hair again that is completely understandable. I completely get that uh. I still think it’s a bit ridiculous that. I do this much with my hair but anyway. I do. So if you guys don’t want to do all that it’s completely understandable. So that’s why. I gave you the steps if you only want to do one thing. I would recommend starting with the moisturizing shampoo, and conditioner if you want to add on to that protect your hair with some heat protestant if you want to add on to that use the leave-in conditioner, and then if you’re still crazy like me you can start using enhance the residue shampoo, and a new conditioner once a week. I think it’s a great thing to do. So yeah oh man. I hope. I covered everything in minutes let’s hope that. I imparted some helpful information, and you guys learned something. I hope that. I covered any questions you have but if you have any questions check the comments um you can ask me questions, I’ll be answering them but. I will. I usually only answer questions once. So check, and see if, I’ve answered your question already, and if not feel free to ask me uh, and that’s it. I love you guys, and you will see my next post Oh bye.

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