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I am starting another new series on my blog this one is called Sunday Fun day. I thought of a cute name for this one, and essentially all it is just me doing a fun post on Sundays, and they can be whatever. I wanted to. Because sometimes. I want to do makeup or fashion or DIY posts on this my blog. And I feel a little awkward about it. Because, I’ll kind of like the hair girl. And I don’t feel like, I’ll allowed to do anything else. And I get requests for that kind of stuff. So I know you guys want it too. So I decided that what. I would do would be to make a specific day where. I can just have fun, and do whatever it doesn’t have to be hair related all of this one is he related but that’s what this series is going to be and, I’ll excited for it. And I would like to hear your requests for things that you would like to see it on my random day whether it be makeup or DIY or anything like that just go for it. I would love to hear your thoughts. So today we’re going to talk about my haircut, and my hair color. Because. I get asked. So many questions about it, and with my hair color, I’ll going to give you as much information as. I can for you to go, and talk with your stylist about but. I really don’t want to give you guys like a formula to try, and go out, and buy it the drugstore or anything like that. Because although sometimes people manage to successfully color their hair at home it doesn’t always happen that way. And I would hate to have any kind of responsibility beyond me for somebody’s hair disaster. So, I’ll just going to give you as much as. I can for a stylist make sure you find a good stylist in your area, and hopefully your hair color experience will be very positive even though. I started out by talking about my hair color let’s talk about my haircut first. Because it’s a little bit quicker my haircut is basically long layers with face framing that’s essentially all that it is. And I just kind of whatever.

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I get my hair cut. I communicate what length. I would like right now. I actually want to get about inches taken off. So I would normally have it right about here, and get from that as really long layers, and think my shortest layers are right in here, and that’s good if you want to be doing a lot of updos, and braids like. I do. Because it’s good to have layers just to be able to get some lift in your hair. So that when you have curls you have some shape to your hair. So it looks nice or even when your hair is straight it looks a little bit better when you have some shape to it rather than when it’s all just one link let’s get it gets very boxy or if you have a lot of hair, and it’s very thick or curly it becomes a triangle which is also not cute. So long layers are just a good universal thing just from creating a nice shape in there, and then. I have face-framing layers which is essentially when you take the front of your hair, and it makes it angle kind of like this with the hair that comes from the ear forward, I’ll try to find some pictures for you guys, and put it in the description box but basically what the base Remy layers do is they give you that openness in the front. So that when you have your hair curl like this it makes the nice shape you’ve got your front layers kind of lift it around your face kind of open rather than having that weight on them. Because they’re a little bit longer they’re going to be more weighed down. So that’s why. I like having the kind of Frank screaming layers just. Because that kind of opens the face up a little bit. I kind of think when you have your hair, and unlaid around your face it becomes kind of like a curtain that closes you off. So I like to layer on my clients. Because it opens it up, and that’s why.

I had the face framing layers but that’s all that. I have. Because. I like to do lots of updos, and things like that, and if you get really crazy with the layering in here it makes up duce a little bit harder to do. So that’s what. I have if you guys are interested oh. I don’t know that. I have like a particularly awesome haircut but if you guys are interested that’s what. I have. So now we’re going to talk about my hair color, and This going to take a little while. So apologies in advance um first of all before anything else if you want this hair color find a stylist that you think is really good that you really trust, and then. I would screen cap whatever post that you like my hair best in. Because every single post my hair color looks slightly different, and those differences will determine kind of the outcome of your hair color. So make sure that you’re really picky with it that you find one that you really like, and if there’s anything that you dislike about whatever you screen have to make sure to communicate that to the stylist that’s doing your hair. So you don’t accidentally get something that you don’t want cut that could be awkward a little bit of information that will probably help your stylist out, I’ll a natural level, and my base color is a level. I would describe it as a golden brown with a little bit of copper to it, and actually there’s no red or copper in my formula. I just pull very red. So most of the red that you see here is just my natural contributing pigment. And I think that’s why it looks as natural as it does. So for a stylist out there. I would probably say to go with less rather than of the copper in the formula. Because. I think it just takes a little like touch of it to give it this kind of like strawberry Brown look rather than like throwing in a whole lot, and getting a whole lot of red or a whole lot of orange now if you go back a couple months in my posts um my hair is a little bit more on the red side.

I would say that it’s more of like a level brown with red in it than it has copper in it, and the difference is that copper is essentially like hairstylist for orange whereas red is just red. So if you go back in my posts, and you’re seeing a lot more red tone to my hair rather than kind of orange tones to my hair then. I would describe that as kind of like a level Brown with some red in it whereas this one is a little bit more copper to it if that makes any sense but that’s completely up to your stylist, and what they think is going to work best on what color line they’re using. So I mean don’t try to like dictate too much or get too much in their face with it or anything, I’ll just saying that’s how. I would describe it, and then for my highlights they’re just ombre lights. So headlights to go from kind of like right above my shoulder down, and then they get a little bit higher right around my face that way you get that kind of like sun kissed beaches look without having to highlight all of your hair it saves you a little bit of money it saves you time in the chair it saves your hair from being as damaged. Because you’re not highlighting as much of it bleach tends to cause a little bit more damage than color does. So I like to minimize how much bleach is on my hair. So that was kind of a good way to do it, and still get that kind of sun kissed effect, and get that dimension from the highlights as well. So that’s what. I have. And I had them weave the highlights rather than sliced them your stylist will know what that means just. Because. I have very fine hair. So if you slice anything in here it becomes very obvious, and you would have. I would have like distinct like blocks of color if anybody was to slice it. So instead. I had them just weave it like you would do for a normal highlight. And I worked a lot better it’s a little bit more messy a little bit more time-consuming but. I think at the end of the day it’s worth it. So if you have finer hair. I would at least mention that to them but that’s about it. I hope this has been helpful for you guys and, I’ll very excited about this new series leave me any requests you have down below. I would love to hear them. And I will see you guys in my next post look faith.

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