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Hey it is Friday that means we’re getting my hair done, I am still. So happy with the way it looks the color the blend the length it still looks good it feels good, I mean it’s. Because, I use good products for my hair no I’m kidding. But seriously the haircut the hair color everything looks amazing the plan for today is I’m gonna take you guys with me to the salon and then, I will kind of show you the process of what we do to the hair color, I don’t know what we’re doing yeah we’re gonna I’m gonna find out when, I get there and then the haircut and style, I will have a man to kind of go more in detail under what my haircut is.

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So you guys can tell you were hair stylist or. If you’re in the area come stop on over and visit manda cuz she’s awesome all right. So I’m gonna drive over and I’ll meet you guys there alright I’m in the bathroom right now. So they’re kind of busy and they’re blow-drying Berrien doing on that kind of stuff and it gets really loud, I might just pull up music and then me to like a voice or a explain wishing it for the hair color. But only you can get a Minda to explain things. So we’re mixing it what is this this is your light hair for your baby light awesome it’s course down to the bottom number to your inter already. So like don’t you like what, I really like those okay I’m you’re gonna drag this down a little shirt okay.

So I’m taking super super fine sections of hair to lighten which will create a baby light. So it stays really soft and really blend it no striking yeah we don’t want that yeah and then we use all flux to on the ends no Lightner on the ends and separate those two it’s a little baby foiled oil burrito are we gonna do this for the whole head yes everywhere that makes all of the ups and downs. So you have depth and lightness in there. But it stays really really blended look at that foil oh my god and now we’re gonna rich or what ours. But really fat yay very sexy my hair right now down the middle since, I like to part my hair different ways even symmetry then, I dressed. Because we talked it up and everything really London is where, I want to keep every section or nice square dog. So it’s just an introduction today we give them one to cut it’s one of my favorites pigs they are dense and fall nice and solid I’m going to switch to my phone.

If anything all right we switched over to my phone. Because my battery’s blinking. So we don’t want to go crazy with adjusting length we just want to clean it and square right while I’m getting a little cleanup coupling with a quarter of an inch straight down instead of holding it and my fingers. Because they don’t want any elevation anything we’re. So not much needs to change here we’re just basic like making sure that it’s all even yeah. So you’re just tiniest little bit. So what, I do anything drastic we’re just evening everything out and then you’re gonna go in when the hair is dry or now drive yeah yeah you give that texture yeah that’s sort of, I think this signature thing Wow that is what we call identity it’s important.

But it doesn’t mean you have to lose I’m Shirley your friends right we want to lay a way that we wanted to and. So, I open we want to feel that our name we want to put work we were they heard Picard here that’s where we can that thing alright I’m holding a package. But I just came home I’m gonna go get undressed reaction what do you think oh that is right isn’t it blind my eyes you like it yeah, I love it. So prettier alright inside itself yeah right I’ll have a natural lighting, I married a blonde girl there she is I’m glad that she loves it. Because that’s what makes me happy are you guys. So thank you for coming along reading this post. If you have any more questions leave them down below, I tried to explain as much as we did.

So did Amanda. So hopefully we showed you guys a lot of this stuff and you kind of had your questions answered. But my haircut is very simple is basically a blunt base cut and then you saw when she dried my hair she went in and texturized a lot of pieces just to give it a little bit more movement and like bouncy and airy look that’s what, I like. But yeah hope you guys had fun thank you for coming along and I’ll see you next time.

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