Hey guys I want to share with you with my top 10 favorite hair products. I originally was gonna do a top five but then. I was going through trying to pick some things for this post and, I soon realized that five was not nearly enough.. So I narrowed it down to a ten these are the products I’ve had the largest impact on my hair journey and the ones that. I find that.

MY TOP 10 FAVOURITE HAIR PRODUCTS Hair care 2018 Photo Gallery

I grabbed almost every single day. So these are the important ones you day. So these products are no particular order except for this first one. I had to mention it first because it save me. So much time in my life and it is the Battiste dry shampoo before. I was introduced to this stuff. I used to wash my hair every single day do you know how long that took me now.

I just apply some of this into my hair and it just leaves it feeling freshly washed. I not only love this product for dirty hair but it’s also great for clean hair as well especially now that my hair is growing out my layers are long. I find that my hair is really heavy on top. So what. I like to do is just lift up my roots just spray it underneath you just need a couple spritzes and then. I work it in with my fingers, and it’s just going to help add some grit and volume into your clean hair the only downside to this which. I actually don’t think it’s a downside personally is it can leave a little bit of a white cast behind.

I like that because it lightens up my roots for me but if you are brunette you just want to make sure that you really are working this into your hair or else it would make your hair look a little bit gray now. I do know that Battiste has a formula for brunettes I’ve never used it. If you have please let me know your thoughts down below next up this product without a doubt has made the largest impact on my hair journey and it is purple shampoo. I tried a lot but this one from Clairol is my absolute favorite it’s their shimmering lights purple shampoo nothing fancy could pick this up for eight bucks at Sally’s and the reason why. I love this one the most is not only the price but the fact that it gives me instant results. So what purple shampoo does is it counteracts those yellow and brassy tones that make their way into our hair weeks after we’ve got it toned and colored at the salon but. I love to use a purple shampoo just to maintain pain my color and give it more of a cool-toned appearance.

I probably use purple shampoo every single time. I wash my hair because. If I don’t. I swear it’s turning yellow it’s probably all in my mind and then every two and a half weeks. I like to just really coat my hair almost do like a purple shampoo mask and leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes. I find that this is what really gives my hair that gray cool toned color but beware of you try this at home that if you leave it on for too long you will notice that parts of your hair are purple but it will rinse out after a couple washes the only downside to this purple shampoo is it can be quite drying. So no big deal you just want to make sure that you are following up with a very hydrating conditioner by.

So many questions about my hair color and, I honestly have that shampoo to thank for maintaining it and giving me a nice cool undertone but. I am planning on doing a hair FAQ. If you have any questions leave them down below this next product. I was a little hesitant about including but I’ve actually received some messages from you guys telling me that this product has helped you guys out.. So I just had to include it because it is something that. I use every single time.

I wash my hair and that is the nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo we’re all human and some of us suffer from a dry scalp, and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about it’s completely normal. I never really had dandruff until about four years ago and it hit me full force. I ended up getting this red super itchy uncomfortable rash along my hairline and mainstream dandruff shampoos just were not working the rash started moving down my forehead it moved down my nose and underneath my eyes. I was super self-conscious about this especially because. I was starting a new job.. So I decided to go to the doctors and he prescribed some prescription creams for me and then he also recommended this over-the-counter shampoo and this is all that.

I use now you guys it hasn’t completely cured my psoriasis but definitely it has kind of kept everything at bay which is more than. I could ask for now. I know this is a really small bottle this runs you about ten dollars but. I only need a dime sized amount applied to my hair after. I shampooed and rinsed it and, I leave it in for about 3 minutes usually as, I’m conditioning my hair but I’m. So thankful that. I found this little guy has made a tremendous difference.

I feel a lot more confident wearing black. I don’t have to worry about having dandruff but if you do don’t worry about it don’t be self-conscious about it it’s completely normal we’ve all been there but if you are looking for a product that could help. I definitely do recommend checking this out and hopefully can help you too So purple shampoo drying dandruff shampoo drying my scalp naturally dry. So my hair loves a good hair mask in the past couple of months I’ve been consistently grabbing the Briogeo don’t despair repair deep conditioning hair mask. I find that. I gravitate towards this one over all of my other ones because it’s a much more of a lightweight formula..

So I can apply this directly to my scalp and when. I rinse it out. I don’t have to worry about my hair looking greasy or weighed down I’d say that this is more of a repairing and strengthening mask versus a super conditioning one. So sometimes. If I do use this. I will still follow up with my conditioner just to ensure that my hair is free of any knots or tangles. I love to grab a generous sized amount of it and, I just massage it into my scalp it feels.

So good you guys and, I make sure that the rest of my hair is completely coated. So the product can really penetrate all of my hair and make it nice and strong for this product has been incredible over the winter time since the air is so drying and it keeps my hair feeling nice and healthy and strong. So once my hair is washed toned conditioned towel dried. I like to go in with a volumizing spray and a heat protectant because usually. I do end up blow drying my hair the one that. I love is another Briogeo product it’s their blossom and bloom ginseng with biotin volumizing spray I’ve used this for years you guys may have remembered the post that. I created for them for Sephora’s website it’s really cute fun.

If I can find it i’ll link it down below for you guys but. I absolutely love this spray and today. I actually forgot to use it because. I had all my products in a box and you can tell like. I knew my hair was looking flat today you guys know how much. I love like a big voluminous blowout. I think that they are just.

So beautiful and now that I’ve been growing my hair out my roots are so weighed down. So it’s a lot harder to achieve that volume that. I used to once have.. So I love going in with this product. I love particularly that this one is so lightweight it’s practically like water look I’ll show you oh but it’s.

So nice. I find out of a lot of root volumizers are mouses that can leave your hair a little crunchy or they’re oils that leave your hair weighed down and greasy but this stuff is great you guys and his smells amazing it smells super fresh it’s really nice but Briogeo products are all natural cruelty free. So you can feel really confident putting them on your hair. I find no matter what conditioner use on my hair. I always have to go in and give my hair a little bit of extra love just to ensure it’s free of any knots or tangles. So for years. I have been using the AG hair cosmetics fast food leave on conditioner this is perfect if you’re trying to grow out your hair because it’s.

So important to make sure that it’s free of knots or tangles before you brush it or else you’ll just end up ripping out your hair but if i’m using a leave-in conditioner it really helps with the overall appearance of my hair keeping it looking at nice and healthy but. I only use a little bit of this because it is such a thick moisturizing product and, I really only focus it on the mid shafts of my hair and then. I work any excess product down if you use too much of this it’s definitely going to make your hair appear greasy. So use it sparingly that’s all you need, and it’s a tremendous difference. I can just take a brush right through my hair and, I don’t have to worry about it breaking it smells great it has like a sweet candy smells for a more at lightweight everyday leave in conditioner that. I found past couple of months that. I am completely in love with is this Garnier whole blends 5 in 1 lightweight spray how cute is this little bottle its most just like apples which is perfect for spring this product is said to prime soften detangle protect and condition tit does all of those things you guys this is like my little miracle in a bottle.

I love this stuff. So what. I like to do is. I spray this on towel-dried hair again only focusing on the mid shaft where most of my stubborn knots are and a little on the ends just to help them have extra moisture and then. I like to go in with a wide tooth comb and it’ll just slide right through my hair it completely detangles all the knots the stuff is incredible before. I would spend. So much time kind of like finger picking my knots until.

I got fed up and it just brushed them out. So this is definitely helped with the overall appearance of my hair and my overall frustration as well the only downside about this you guys is if you have tile floors in your bathroom be where it’s going to make them. So slippery like pledge on the floor slippery. So be really careful or lay down a towel or apply over carpet next up. I can mention my ten favorite hair products without of course mentioning hair extensions.. So I wear luxy hair extensions in the color ash blonde that.

I have customtone to match my hair color.. So I look at her extension is completely different than. I did back in high school because now. I just wear them to add extra thickness and fullness to my hairstyles and to make them appear a little bit more dramatic for example. I like to take these one clip wefts and i’ll usually clip them on the side of my head just to add into like a little braid or something that i’m doing, and it’s just going to make it appear a lot more thicker and then on an everyday basis. I like to wear my to wear my two four clip Wefts especially when my hair is curled it just makes my hair looks.

So like thick and voluminous and, I always clip those ones just below my ears. So that they are hidden do you guys know who Pia is on . I saw a post that she recently did she has a lob style haircut and she added hair extensions and it just looked. So gorgeous. So even if you have shorter hair you can still wear them just to give you that really thick full look.. So I will link that post down below.

So you can see this next product has been a staple on my blog since day one and it is the l’oreal Elnette satin extra strong hold hairspray it even says on the can here that it disappears at the stroke of a brush and that is exactly why. I love this product. I particularly love it when. I curl my hair because you can just spray it all over, and it’s not going to leave you with those crunchy curls or like a really stiff helmet head instead. I found that my hair still looks really natural it’s still kind of soft you can throw it around, and it’s hold its style what. I also love about it is you don’t have to think to yourself like oh do. I want to use hairspray because then.

I have to wash my hair tomorrow that’s not the case at all you can run a brush through your hair at the next day it disappears and you still are left with really pretty curls yeah this hairspray has never let me down it has been my go-to for years and, I often complain about the scent but some of you actually say that you like it and lastly. I decided to combine my two favorite hot tools into this category first step, I’m sure you guessed it is my nume Titan three curling wand what happened to Nume they used to be everywhere. I have this theory in my mind that they got bought out and they’re trying to rebrand them. So, I’m not really sure but nevertheless. I still love the curling wand that. I got for them. I often grab this one because it gives me really voluminous big curls has temperature control which.

I love and the fact that it comes with two more barrel sizes is incredible. So the 32 millimeter size is great for creating more big voluminous curls and then the medium-sized one is great for creating more defined curls. I particularly love this one if i’m doing like an up-do it just creates like really nice soft curls that will frame your face and then. If I want like a really funky more tight ringlets style hairstyle mainly for the summertime. I like to experiment a little bit more of my hair styles but this little itty bitty one is perfect for that now. I know that nume products can be a little bit expensive. So don’t worry.

I got to you this is another OG product that’s been on my blog since day one and it is my trusty conair curling iron this is the one and a quarter inch size. I picked this up at Walmart. I still recommend this to this day because the price is right. I think when. I got it it was on sale for $9.99 you guys although the quality isn’t quite the same it still gives your hair and incredible curl. I actually use it today to create this faux blowout the only reason why.

I don’t grab this one anymore is because it doesn’t always turn on and the part the little stand has fallen off and, I lost it when. I moved. So it’s definitely not the most practical because it’s probably going to burn my house down but. I still love this. I definitely want to replace it because. It’s so inexpensive. I think i’m going to pick up the one and a half inch next time.

So i’ll let you guys know that goes. So there you have you guys those are my top 10 favorite hair products and tools it was hard to narrow it down because. I have. So many favorites but these ones are definitely the ones that finished at the top of the class, I’m planning on doing more posts like this because you guys have requested like my top five favorite hair masks. So let me know in the comments down below what you’d like to see next but I’d love to know what your ride or die hair products are let me know what your top five are or if you’re crazy like me what your top ten are because the weather’s starting to warm up. So, I’m going to transition some of the heavier conditioning products out and bring in some lighter ones maybe re-introduced sea salt spray back into my life you guys. I am So excited for summer but I’d love to know what you guys are using. So definitely let me know and yeah thank you guys. So much for reading I’ll talk to you in my next post bye.

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