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She’s quit LA to come back to the UK, but far from missing the sun, Nadine Coyle tells Closer she’s looking forward to a wintry Christmas.

Nadine moved Stateside in 2007 to open a restaurant with her family. In 2008, she met American footballer Jason Bell, 37, and last year the couple welcomed their daughter, Anaiya. But the Irish-born star reveals that she’s eager to move back to London for good.

âœThis year, I’m going between London and Ireland for Christmas, and I’m so excited” says Nadine, who recently duetted with Westlife’s Shane Filian on his new album. âœI’ve been in the UK for the past few months and I want to move back here permanently.â


And Nadine could be looking to build bridges now she’s moved across the pond. The star has a famously frosty relationship with her Girls Aloud bandmates, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Kimberley Walsh,

Nicola Roberts and Sarah Harding, once

ridiculous presents!’

Former Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle on why she’s hoping for a chilly Christmas, how motherhood has relaxed her and going OTT on gifts…

describing them as âœcolleagues❠rather than âœfriendsâ. However, she recently suggested a reunion could be on the cards, revealing: âœI hope so.â

And she admits she’s delighted to be back on home turf, adding: âœI’m not missing LA at all and I’m actually enjoying the cold winter here. In LA, it’s constant sun. You feel bad if you don’t want to leave the house and do anything!❠Meanwhile, Nadine, 30, tells us she loves showering her friends and family with festive gifts. She says: âœI’m extravagant and I buy ridiculous stuff that no one needs! I once bought my little nieo a pink toy Corvette. She lives in LA and you could always tell where she was because her wee Corvette would be parked there!â

But the star insists she’s not a diva when it comes to her own Christmas list.

She says: âœI’ve just had my bathroom redone. That was my present to myself. I know I sound like an old lady, but I’m very happy so I don’t need anything else!â


Keen cook Nadine admits she can’t wait to get in the kitchen over the holidays. âœI’ve been in charge of cooking Christmas dinner since I was 12!❠she says. âœMy speciality is loads of side dishes like stuffings, roast veg and potatoes -1 get creative with them.

âœI’m a healthy eater and I cook that way for Anaiya too. But my mum is a typical Irish mum who loves to spoil her kids. The other day, Anaiya said â˜chocolate’. I don’t feed her that so I knew my mum must have done! â

Nadine – who is fronting the Carbon

Monoxide Be Alarmed! campaign, after a scare five years ago when her boiler leaked gas – tells Closer she’s transformed since becoming a mother last year.

She says: âœI feel laid back about everything else because my main concern is making sure Anaiya, who’s 22 months, is OK. I’ve learnt a lot about myself, mainly that I’m more relaxed than I realised. I’m more stressed babysitting other people’s kids! With Anaiya, I’m like: â˜Oh yeah, that’s fine, you can do that.’â

Nadine found fame in Girls Aloud at the age of 17 and says she’ll be supportive if her daughter wants to follow in her musical footsteps. âœI wouldn’t stop her,❠she says. âœI’ve had such a great time in music – it’s always been an amazing place for me.â

Nadine is supporting the Carbon Monoxide Be Alarmed! campaign to raise awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning. For more information, visit

â˜Cheryl loves squeezing my bum!’

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