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Nail designs


Youth who are young will always have to be done with the color of their face. The style needed for the bones, veins and bubbles of the hands should be made taking into account the age at which the hands are given. All the bones behind the hand and on the fingers are shadowed by high lights and edges on the hill. The joints can sometimes become swollen and often redden with open skin. A little blush should be given.

A dark-skinned player who wants to bring the effect to the make-up, you can put your hand in a palm and cover the joints with a very dark brown makeup. The hand can then be leveled and cleaned from the surface of the dark brown makeup joint. In this technique, the deepest parts of the wrinkles in the joints should be added with natural looking dark paint.

The veins should look three-dimensional if they are all flat, not flat. Decide which direction the light is coming from. The veins must be visible. If the player’s natural vessels are followed by a player, they should be followed if their vessels are protruding. Elsewhere, we can place vessels in places that seem most effective.
The color of veins will be based on hand type and color. Veins that do not completely protrude often become a light greenish blue. The very protruding veins beneath a white deep become a deeper blue. Observe the coloration in larger hands.

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Brown dots, often found in older hands, can be painted with a greenish brown.

When aging, always make sure that the nails do not age together with the rest of the hands. For aging you can cut the nails according to the shape and length for the player. It may also be necessary to change it or change it.

Different strokes can be applied by leaving a space between the strokes with a white pen. Or, instead of leaving a space, you can make two colorful alternate shots. The same effect can be achieved by applying a very narrow brush and cream makeup.

Pencils can also be used to color fingernails. You can use it gracefully to hide the natural color of the variegated nuggets or allow some of the natural color to appear. Before applying the color to the nails, you should powder it in every step.

A good method of aging the nails is to coat them with refreshing glue and then let them dry. It gives these nails an opacity.

If dirt is needed under the nails, the gray or grizzly cream makeup can be applied with a small brush.

A red make-up can be used to bring the effect of a colored tornado to aged fingernails. Red then must be puddled. Red pencils, refreshing sticks can be easily used on the nails.

Rubber can be used to remove make-up from the nails, and nail polish can also be removed with acetone.

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