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You need to be persistent in treating warts, as they often take a long time to disappear. Warts that don’t diminish with the treatments described below, or widespread warts, may require an internal treatment.

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Treatment options

• Apply a sliver of fresh garlic directly to the wart and hold it in place with a plaster for 2-3 hours (warning: garlic may sting and cause a temporary skin rash around the wart). This is a one-off treatment, and I do not recommend this treatment for small children under 6 years old.

• Apply thuja tincture to the wart for a few weeks. Adults and children over 2 years old: apply one drop in the morning and evening until the wart is gone.

• Apply fresh dandelion sap directly to the wart for a few weeks. This treatment works best in the spring when dandelions are flowering. Adults and children over 2 years old: break a flowering stem and apply the fresh white juice to the wart 2-4 times a day.

Taraxacum officinale dandelion


• Widespread eczema: this requires a comprehensive review of diet and lifestyle as well as individual internal treatment.

• Psoriasis: the treatment varies from person to person enormously and may take up to a year.

• Acne rosacea: this is a complex condition that needs treatment of the circulatory system as well as the skin; it requires long-term medicating with herbs.

• Molluscum contagiosum: although this viral infection will resolve itself eventually, herbal treatment can considerably speed the recovery time.

• Multiple warts: these usually require a combination of external and internal treatment.

• Fungal infection of the nails that cannot be eradicated: persistent fungal infection of the nails often requires an internal treatment as well as a combination of external remedies that can be rotated.

• Urticaria (hives): this condition is allergic in nature and therefore needs careful treatment; attending to lifestyle and stress factors is ofen necessary.

• Skin ulcer: a specialised treatment is required both internally and externally; you may need supervision on a daily or weekly basis to make sure that a particular treatment option is working.


• Eye infection (conjunctivitis).

• Infected cut or wound that won’t heal, especially if there is a lot of redness around the area and a red streak developing on the skin in the direction of blood circulation (this indicates the spread of the local infection, and there is a danger of septicaemia).

• Sudden, patchy loss of hair.

• Impetigo – skin infection that produces yellow crusting and spreads quickly.

• Fungal infection of the scalp.

• Widespread fungal infection of the skin.

• Any unusual and persistent skin rash.

• Any skin lump that is tender, or does not go away, or becomes enlarged.

• Any mole that changes appearance and becomes enlarged or ulcerates.

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