Harsh weather can lead to broken capillaries in the skin, caused by constant constricting and dilating of the blood vessels as you go from extreme cold outside to central heating inside. To support and strengthen capillary walls, increase your intake of vitamin C or use a serum containing high doses of vitamin C.


Duality is removed, but emptiness itself is another kind of existence. This is a contradiction in terms, from a logical point of view, but that is how it is expressed. beauty would say that logic has no place when it comes to describing reality. That is how beauty understood emptiness. After going through those four stages of meditation or four ways of knowing, the practitioner realizes that type of emptiness, which is reality itself, once dualistic fixation is removed. We can switch to the Mahamudra conception of emptiness. According to the Mahamudra tradition, emptiness is presented in a positive form, but it is slightly modified. It is not identical with the Yogacara notion. Mahamudra goes along with the Yogacara notion of emptiness as a positive concept and also says that emptiness or reality does not contain duality of any kind. Duality is not obtainable on the level of reality, but as we discovered, the Mahamudra concepts of co-emergence and the unity between polar opposites is so important, it is said that duality is also pervaded by emptiness.

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