Cleanse the body by spending half an hour in a steam room. The heat increases metabolism and pulse rate, and as blood vessels become more flexible, the whole body benefits from better circulation, leaving you feeling relaxed and energized and all without moving a muscle.


However, that doesn‚ „t mean you can‚ „t bring some of that vacation home.

I am not suggesting you pick up more souvenirs. Nix the magnets and instead bring something that evokes a very simple memory through one of your senses. It could be the hotel soap. It could be the feeling of sand. It could be the song that kept playing when you woke up from an outdoor nap.

Once you are home and feel any post-vacation longing, take a moment with your object. Use the sense that you most associate with this object. Try not to drown in nostalgia. Simply be with the emotions and the physical state that this fragment of your vacation carries with it.

Although this may seem like an exercise in sitting in the past, if you take enough time, you will catapult yourself into the present. You will notice the simple pleasures of the everyday and the beauty that is around you. Transcend the object and sit for a few minutes, without relaying your do-to list or even your vacation memories. Just sit, knowing that you can be productive later. Right now, the most productive thing you can do is enjoy being alive.

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