I always love a healthy, sun-kissed look models with a modern glow. Yes, I love glamour and things on the edge, but in the end, a beautiful look always overrules. Our vision of beauty is similar. We both love the out-doorsy kind of beauty. Bobbi gets into my head immediately. She has a wonderful karma Bobbi must have been a Buddhist monk in a previous life. She has a very serene interior (a miracle backstage at a fashion show!). She works at a controlled pace and generates a lot of positiveness.


That leads to the second level, which is called anupalambha prayoga. Once the meditator begins to understand Yogacara philosophy properly, he or she realizes the physical objects or the sensory perceptions that we have are totally mediated. We have no understanding or contact at aJl with reality as it is.  What we are in immediate contact with at all times is our own constructions of the phenomenal world. We have no direct understanding of the phenomenal world. At that point, the practitioners begin to realize the object does not exist. Their realization consists of the nonexistence of the object. First, we realize the workings of the mind and second, we begin to realize that the objects we experience are not direct perceptions; they are only subjective thought-constructions of sensory presentations. That leads to the third level, which is upalambhanupalambha prayoga. At that point, the practitioner begins to realize that both subject and object do not exist.

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