Most people apply suncream to their face and body at the start of the day and forget about it. During a typical two-week beach holiday, when you are exposed to the sun on a daily basis, you should expect to get through two 250 ml (8 fl oz) bottles of sun protection, so keep slapping it on all over throughout the day.


That is why the mind is said to play a very important role in our relationship with the phenomenal world. How docs the mind become transformed? In the Yogacara system, transformation is talked about as a total metamorphosis. The confused aspect of your mind is one thing and the enlightened aspect of that same psychological makeup is quite different. Transformation takes place, and we could say that transformation takes place in the aspect of facticity as well. In Mahamudra, when they talk about transformation, it not so much about transforming one thing into something else, but about realizing the real nature of what you are actually transforming. There is absolutely no difference between the confused state and the enlightened state, as far as facticity is concerned. The difference exists in actuality. When we are not enlightened, we cannot say we are enlightened. There is that difference, but in facticity, there is no difference because realization of the confused state of mind is realization of the enlightened state of mind. In the Mahamudra tradition, transformation is more like a proper assessment of your state of mind, rather than changing one thing into something else.

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