When should you go to a dermatologist? When things get serious and you can’t handle a skin-care problem on your own. Don’t waste your time and money seeking instant cures at the skin-care counter at a department store. Below are some of the most common reasons for seeking medical advice.
Acne: By my definition, acne is constantly present blemishes, more than an occasional or monthly breakout. If you have acne, seek the care of a dermatologist. The range of options today—from topical antibiotics to oral antibiotics—pretty much guarantees that no one should have to suffer from serious acne.
Note: If you are taking birth control pills, let your dermatologist know the exact name of your medication. Certain pills will make you more acne-prone. Others can even help those who suffer from breakouts. Dermatologists do not always inquire about this, so bring the subject up yourself.

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