A cancer expert has developed a new skin test called the Skinphysical, which can read the sun damage in your DNA. The results determine how much damage has already occurred and how to maximize your protection in future years.


But what no one bothers to say or write about hair makeup is that you don’t need any of this to hair makeup faster. Really.

If you want to hair makeup faster, you have to realize that you only need a few things: your legs, lungs, heart, and a positive attitude. These are the things humans need to make them hair makeup faster. Without them, personal records aren’t possible. Your legs propel you down the track. Your heart and lungs deliver that precious oxygenated blood to your muscles. A positive attitude contributes to that heroic kick needed to win the hairstyles or break that once-elusive personal record.

They matter most.

You have these things on you now. You don’t need to buy them in a store; they aren’t found by a search engine, so save your time and money. Put down that credit card. Close your browser window. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself to learn about a fresh, worry-free approach to your hair makeup.


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