Need to Know Halitosis or Bad Breath

Have you ever sat on a bus next to someone or stood in an elevator next to a person whose breath smelled just awful? As a child and even young adult, I always thought that something like that was due to people not brushing or flossing thoroughly. Now, as an adult, a parent, I know better after my childs breath suddenly started to smell like the rubbish bin. But, let me tell you more.

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You see, we were on holiday traveling through the states with our two kids aged 5 and 12. As usual, well, I suppose normal for all families taking a road trip, we ate on the move most of the time. Our traveling vacation lasted only 2 weeks instead of 4 as we had to get back to Brooklyn to see the dentist.

We were in our second week when it started. One morning early we arrived at the Grand Canyon as part of our planned holiday. The view was truly breath-taking; it was so much more than we thought it would be. Here I started to notice some strange smell but I was not sure where it came from and ignored it. We stayed to see the sunset over the Colorado River and had supper in the Grand Canyon Village nearby.

During supper, I got this strange smell again but then thought maybe it was the fish my daughter was having. We booked into the hotel and watched some movies before going to bed. The next morning, the smell seemed to have filled the room and was almost nauseating.

I woke both my kids and ensured they had a proper shower, brushed and flossed their teeth and was dressed in clean clothes. Once done it seemed a bit better but I could still not take the smell in the room. After breakfast, we booked out and headed to Mount Rushmore.

However, soon after we hit the road, the smell was returning and I realized that it had to be one of the kids. We stopped at a dinner and I had them both brush their teeth again as I was sure that it was something they had for breakfast. Once done, we hit the road again but as we were pulling in at Mount Rushmore I could smell it again.

This started to worry me as we did not know the reason for this. We rushed the kids through our visit there and had them stay silent for the entire visit. Once we got back to our car we decided to rather return home and visit our doctor as there had to be a reason for this. Neither of our kids was happy but what else could we do.

Once home we made an appointment with the doctor who recommended we see our pediatric dentist as he thought it could be Halitosis, which is actually bad breath. The pediatric dentist confirmed the diagnosis and said that he was glad we came as soon as we did as it could become a very bad situation.

Firstly, they had to do a range of tests to see what the reason for our childs bad breath was. It could be caused by swollen tonsils, a sinus infection, foreign objects or even an underlying disease.

However, the dentist thought that it could be due to something my child had eaten on our trip that actually started it. In many cases, bad breath is a by-product of the digestive system and the dentist was sure that this was the case with our child.

Once the examination was done and my child had received a dental cleaning and some antibiotics, as well as breath fresheners, we could once again resume our trip. However, we only had one week left and decided to go camping close to home instead of traveling.

We booked a space at the Hudson Valley and headed out for a couple of relaxing days spent together as a family. With all the worries and stress behind us, we could relax and enjoy each others company.

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