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Young skin renews itself every month. As we get older, the process slows down, so gentle exfoliation will help to maintain the cycle of renewal, scrubbing away dead cells and leaving you with smooth skin – but keep the treatment to once a week.

Transform Your Mind Through Meditation.

If you are ready to reprogram your mind to start living an abundant life and fulfilling your destiny, plan a good length of quiet time to sit down and follow the steps listed below.

1) Figure out exactly what you desire for your life according to Gods will. You may desire a healthy marriage, healing in your mind or body or a financial breakthrough. Whatever it is, write it down below.

2) Write out a scripture from the Bible that supports Gods will for you to have what you desire.

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For instance, if you desire healing, you might write down, For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds. From Jeremiah 30: 17. If you desire a healthy marriage, you might choose, Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate. If youre having trouble finding a scripture, go to google. Com and search the words, scripture on, filling the blank with whatever your desire is. Write the scripture that you choose below.

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