NEW Drugstore Lipstick Swatches and Review Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color

Hi everybody, Welcome back it’s malonic here today’s post is gonna be a little bit differently basically, I went to my Walgreens and you know where the new makeup display is in the front section of the Beauty aisles. So they had a new display for Jordana and a new brand lipstick a liquid lipstick $4.99, I thought it was really inexpensive and they had some really great shades for the spring and summer.

NEW Drugstore Lipstick Swatches and Review Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color Photo Gallery

So, I picked up the eight shades oh look at these pretty colors there’s some really really pretty ones here. So these are by the Jordana cosmetics company like, I mentioned and these are the sweet cream matte liquid lip color from the eight shades you get three different nude colors you get two really pretty pinks bright pink and then you get one red and then a really pretty coral and then for a different color you get this really pretty violet purple shade. So let’s just jump in and let’s watch them on my lips I’m taking the lightest nude this is called number one creme brulee you open it up the packaging is really cute and sweet and you have like this doe foot applicator which is nice, and it’s kind of slanted to kind of fit your lips better that’s really pretty next is this really pretty pink nude this is in the shade of strawberry cheesecake number two they kind of smell like vanilla cherry and that makes sense I’m definitely digging the shade right now next is the darker nude this is in the shade tara misu number 7 let’s move on to the pinks first what I’m gonna do is number three raspberry tart moving on this is number 12 pomegranate pie this is like a pink mixed with a little bit of purple in there oh this is like electric pink there’s super bright. But the blue undertone what do you guys think, I look like I’ve been eating red popsicles this is this always happy tune, I was a kid this ever happened to faze yeah that’s not pretty let’s fix it let’s move on to this really pretty coral shade this is in the shade mango sorbet number five oh yeah that’s pretty that’s a really intensive bright orange there’s definitely electric coral, I really really like this shade look at that it sustained my finger it’s crazy these are. So pigmented now let’s move on to the red and this is called cherry cobbler number six looks like it’s really bright oh that’s nice, I think it’s looking a little bit pink rather than red, I think it’s just. Because, I applied the pink lipsticks before this and it kind of stained my lips like you guys saw. But it’s still a really really pretty color.

So, I have one more shade to applied this is a mixed berry souffle and number four oh wow what do you guys think of this shade it’s definitely purple. So there you have it those are the eight lipstick swatches as you guys saw it was it was really staining my lips, and it’s kind of seen my fingers and it is really hard to take off with the makeup wipes, I did go in between several shades, I used coconut oil to kind of hurt him back a little bit moisture into my lips and help take it off and that seemed to work. But did stain pretty bad. But other than that, I would give these liquid matte lipsticks definitely a 9 out of 10 they’re really good first of all they’re really inexpensive they are very pigmented and very comfortable on my lips, I don’t feel really dry and you don’t transfer how awesome is that also it’s really comfortable to apply the doe foot applicator is really thin and small. So you can fit around the corner of your mouth and sort of outline and then fill it in. So, I would say one pump is plenty. Because they are super pigmented and the smell like a dimension it’s kind of like a vanilla cherry.

But it doesn’t really linger on, I don’t like this scent. But it doesn’t linger on the lips. So that’s really good, I am. So happy with these shades I’m definitely gonna wear them throughout the spring and summer and yeah, I hope you guys like this post let me know what you guys thought in the comments down below what other posts you guys want to see in the future. But for now thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon bye.

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