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Hey you guys are catching me while, I do my makeup quickly I’m going to put a little bit concealer on and my eyebrows and then I’m heading to get my hair done again we’re getting a haircut this time pretty short I’m going to get a little bit more layers and we’re getting my roots done. So literally what I’m going to do is just pull it over kazoo Don this is one of my favorites for like those no makeup days this is an instant rate a true Hynde by Maybelline, I use the shade fair and light fair for like underneath the eyes and then like for like any sort of like redness or pimples and things like that. So hopefully this time, I can get a little bit more footage as as the last time was my very first time meeting Amanda and the very first time in their salon.

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So it was a little bit you know kind of uncomfortable, I didn’t want to put anybody on the spot. So hopefully this time, I can get a little bit more footage for you guys especially the haircut. Because you guys always ask what kind of haircut, I have I’m done getting ready it literally takes not even like five minutes I’m going to get finished ready and you guys are coming with me to get my hair done, I just want to show you guys before versus after all right, I am here let’s get this going. So funny how it’s so different in the bowl yeah this is how good in the hair oh yeah. So cool give me a little scary right like that right there it looks like really light coffee yeah this is going to be your shadow okay the developer yes we’re going to need a processing language no ammonia no peroxide time for peepee lots of shiny. So nice and healthy right we’re going to make it like it Joey no that looks really that berry right yes surprise your hair besides the shadow is awesome it’s not science and then, I always like kind of got up and there’s more of something that is what, I do customize it even more exactly meandering VDOT feeling would have been and how do you know how much to put its equal parts. So however many fell right hidden that’s how much as viscosity like what, I need okay yeah it nice and strong we add that into the toner as sort of a treatment nice and that’s the second one correct no that’s number one olaplex yeah number one, I use a lot warmer, I am beautiful tight info back right has elegance.

So far. So good is really fun and there’s a little bit of that smokiness back in without yeah it over the top right. I’m so excited yeah in basic or near and elaborate 18 and communicative and they’re very organic. So we have a lot your haircuts know everything yeah. But visual expertise around you have all the sodium in now into that little connecting the shorter fuse with the bottom. So it’s where you swing it yeah. So that way curled it’ll have more shape to it and then even straight it won’t it’ll fill with modern yes no.

Because you all right. So now, I am going to run a little bit of errands before going home and then when, I get there, I will have Andre take the camera and show you guys more of the hair and show you better what it looks like. Because, I can only show you so much in the car alright let’s get going. So you guys can see, I am back home under heads of camera and what do you think babe you like it yes yeah he goes all looks the same just a hair shorter you know it’s pretty much exactly the same she just changed the formula just a little bit just. Because, I don’t have as much blonde as, I had before when we started out with the first process. So this time was much easier faster, I think and we kind of know what to expect in a way. So basically what we did we just did two toners the one for the actual route and then for the end just to keep the ends a little bit lighter and this is just blending it all together and then we wash my hair with olaplex wood simple conditioner and then we went in and cut my hair.

So we added a ton of layers just to give a little bit more movement and just to make everything more cohesive and, I just love the way turned out what do you guys think, I love it I’m obsessed with it all over again, I was the guys enjoy this post, I will see you guys in the next one bye.

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