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We are starting today’s post in my car. Because I’m doing something really exciting today I’m getting my hair done and I’m getting new color and a new trim well a new hairstyle basically a new haircut, I figured you guys would be interested. Because you guys always ask what she does to my hair and this way you guys can actually see what she does should kind of explain more in detail of what she does. Because, I have no idea the colors or whatever. So, I figured this would be a fun post to watch it’s definitely more of like a post style more chill and relaxed, I hope you guys have fun I’m excited are you guys. So, I made it and we just discussed what we’re gonna do with my hair.

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So basically we’re doing like a darker gray right gray or silver metallic silver it silver metallic on the roots and then we’re kind of going to fade it into the lighter silver metallic and then we’re going to keep some of these blonde highlights on the top just to kind of give a little bit more dimension. I’m so excited you guys. So this right here is what we’re using the 7sm by guy tank this is the color right here. So this is going to go on the roots right it’s going to be darker. But it’s going to fade out a little bit more lighter color super excited to try this out and then this right here is just a developer for the actual colors. So how much is in here um there’s one ounce color 2 ounce developer. So it’d be two to one ratio one to one and to every show and then she’s just putting some conditioner in here, I look.

So hot in this cake would you get new ones, I like it okay good. So long it is like it doesn’t. If you’re cold yeah put this on right here alright. So we’re done with the back yeah, I said no and she’s mixing a little bit more. So we got to do the sides and the front we’re doing good progress that’s cool alright. So we just finished the roots and we’re gonna wait how many like 20 minutes 20 20 25 minutes we have like 10 minutes left can you guys see the root right now. So weird blue purple color right now looks really cool we’re just finished washing it we’re going to see how all the roots came out we’re gonna dry it now alright.

So we just got Adam well, I just got out of the salon, and it’s going to take two days to get the color that, I want. So basically right now, I have the base in like the baseball age we have a darker grey and a light gray and, I just have a really intense leave-in conditioner basically they have to wash out when, I get home and then tomorrow we’re gonna go in and let in all of my hair basically just kind of do a more lighten balayage from like a little bit from the roots down. So it’s not going to be as dark as of right now like right now it looks really dark I’m just not gonna lie this is a really good luck you guys I’m excited for tomorrow Hey you guys you guys last saw me in the car where, I looked like a sexy lunch lady my hair is just blow-dried straight right now and, I did do a tutorial for basically myself and you guys back on Saturday. So go check it out with this hair color before, I went and changed it and yeah let me know what you guys think of that with the hairstyle and the hair color, I think it looked pretty cool. But for now let’s go and finish my hair color alright we’re getting it done Angie what are you doing right now just balayage in some Pravana bleach in there trying to whiten some of these ends. So we just finished the entire head and it looks really cool it’s developing okay see that. So we’re going to leave it in for how long Angie I’ll watch it probably 20 25 30 all depends how light you want to go.

So this right here is what we used we use the Pravana bleach with the medium activator it lives up to like three to four levels alright. So we just finished washing my hair and we’re going to just towel dry it and make sure it’s not too wet and then we’re going to apply the probe on a silver color to give it that really pretty silver foliage look. So we just applied that probe on a silver all over and we’re going to keep it in leave it in for another like five minutes or. So just make sure we’re reading this or doesn’t like to turn my hair blue or purple but. So far it looks really good tada and here’s my new hair color it looks like there’s a lot going on it’s. Because there is my hair went through a lot this past weekend. But overall result I’m very happy with, I like the warmer darker roots and then it kind of blends into like this silvery white ends which is really nice which, I like and.

Because of my latest post the 10 hairstyles with the straightener, I had to cut off my hair I’m just can already had the appointments that way before the post even was taking place, I cut my hair we just basically did a straight bob and then she went in vertically in kind of peace pieced the ends and kind of made a little bit more texture like you see and then my layers IVA says she cut them a little bit shorter just to kind of give me a more healthier look and feel which feels so much better it just feels. So good. But yeah that’s my new hair. So let me explain to you guys how, I got that really pretty dark as she gray. So we’re colored that you guys saw in the previous post. If you haven’t seen it you can click right here or right here somewhere. So basically what happened was that was actually not our intentional first color it’s kind of our plan B.

So basically what happened was you guys saw in the first footage that, I put in we were gonna do the guy tank colors and for that metallic shade range to work you need your whole head bleach to a level 10 my head was bleached. But it was just only heavy highlighted to our level 10 and my roots were already had like an inch of growth out. So you can see my roots already and that’s why that color didn’t take at ultimate roots it just took a little bit farther down where my hair was already heavy highlighted and it turned like this a really weird blue purple shade and it would it was just not looking good at all with super patchy. So what we did to kind of salvage my roots and just blend it better we went in with the shade six a which is six ash and when you get your hair color to kind of ranges on a spectrum of numbers. So the lower the number the darker your hair shade would be and the higher the number the lighter your hair shade would be. So that’s kind of what we did 6a on my roots and then we blended it to a 9a that’s kind of it gave that sort of like that gradient darker to lighter ash shade and it we achieved like a silver gray color which was really pretty even though, I loved that gradient gray color that, I had the first day, I still wasn’t really happy with overall results. Because my ends, I want them to be a lot lighter like this and that’s exactly what we did the next day, I went in she bali aged basically an inch away from my roots down just bleached it all and then we went with a toner to kind of balance out the brassiness to kind of get rid of the golden yellow tones even though, I have still has some of my roots which, I think is really pretty and that’s basically how, I did it like, I said even though, I do like a little bit of warmth in my roots, I do plan on going to my girl again and getting my roots tone just a little bit just to kind of try to achieve that gray silver balayage from my roots to my ends.

But overall I’m very happy with the way it turned out, I see a lot of silver in my ends and, I love it thank you so much for reading this post and spending some time with me while, I got my hair done twice subscribe. If you haven’t already leave your comments down below hit the thumbs up button and I’ll see you guys very soon in a comming post, I love you all bye.

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