My New Hair Color! How I went Blonder

I am in the car on the way to get my hair colored finally I think the last time I got my hair done was like maybe eight ten months ago my hair this is all my natural color now all of it and I’m ready for a change so I decided this time I’m gonna take you guys with me I’m going to salon which is in West Hollywood and it is amazing I know a couple people that go there and love it and I’ve been obsessed with their Instagram forever and they said that I can come and film so we’re going to film the whole adventure and I’m excited take you guys with me let’s go and now we’re here in salon and this is my stylist today this is Anthony I’m so excited for you to do my hair let’s talk about it because we need to transform this kind of mess.

I’m so excited so tell me what’s your inspiration what’s going on my inspiration is kind of like khloe kardashian’s blonde I love like the warm but still kind of neutral blonde absolutely and I like the way that it’s kind of broken up around her root area because I do a lot of tutorials I want my hair to have a lot of dimension but I also don’t want it to grow out with the line of demarcation absolutely well I really love how Chloe’s hair it looks so long until natural as well absolutely if you noticed with her she still add like a little bit of a roux and it’s still broken up the way stopping with a few highlight I would like to see you too with a little more pop pieces down here it’s like you know there’s some brown in there that I would like to see a little brighter Khloe Kardashian inspiration I think this would be so good with you it’s helped the perfect length of hair and your natural base is beautiful so I feel be great for you awesome.

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I love it good so to get the look I was going for Anthony decided to go with kind of a balayage highlight so he weaved out pieces of hair and then teased the root to make sure everything would be nice and diffused once everything was done then he added Lightner to student middle and ends of the hair and then he turned his brush vertically and kind of diffused the lightener up toward the scalp that way it has this kind of natural rooted look so it’s not going to grow out with a line of demarcation which of course I didn’t want and once all that was done he folded the foil and started again on another section this was a pretty painstaking process and he did such a great job of just like keeping his detail going the whole time so in the interior of the hair you can see he took kind of a heavy weave because my hair was a lot darker in that area and he also wanted to add pops of color towards the end of my hair on the exterior of the hair especially around the hairline he took a much more finer weave and he also feathered it up closer to the scalp still using that kind of balayage technique to make sure everything will be nice and diffused and again I wouldn’t have a line my hair grew out once all the foils were in.

I processed until the hair was lightened enough and then of course we went ahead and pulled out the foil and it was time to wash out all the lightener and everything that was in my hair at this point we added in a toner or Anthony added in a toner i sat there and to get the perfect tone of blonde that we wanted and he did something really interesting which is to use a demi permanent color on my roofs just to make sure that all the stuff that he did was really blended and it would look really natural so I wouldn’t see a line from the highlights but he had just put on my hair then it was time for the blow dry and of course after that we just kind of curled the hair and then I finally got to see what it looked like I was trying so hard not to peek I was like I want to be surprised and then finally it was all done and I got to see it what do you think.

I love it oh my gosh beautiful I love it better so good so bright I think nailed a dimension like there’s so much in there yeah it’s great you still have like a little natural route going through it just really slightly broken up with the lighter ends and if I really love that a triple it’s really pretty and I’d like the right amount of warp that’s not like too much but it’s not the air I love it oh my gosh thank you so much I’m so glad we did this so beautiful the best go there so that’s my finished color I hope you guys like it I love it every single time I look in the mirror I’m like flipping my hair and tossing it around it just makes me really really happy so I hope you guys like it too I went ahead and made a new page on my website with all the information on my color so it has pictures of the after of this hairstyle in case you guys wanted to bring that into your hairstylist but I also put all the inspiration pictures that I took in myself so you can take those in if you prefer I wrote down everything that I could about this color so you can show that to your hairstylist so hopefully that will help you to communicate if you want a similar hair color to mine I also went ahead and put information on my haircut on that page.

Because I got my hair cut a couple days ago after I got it colored I was looking at it and I was like this color is so great and so wonderful I want some like great fresh ends to cut with it so I got my hair trimmed a little bit and I decided I would go ahead and put that information on that page as well it has after pictures of my haircut it has literally what I would tell another hair stylist to do if I was you know talking to your hair stylist so you can show your hairstylist that page on my website and they could see exactly what’s done on my hair and then you guys can talk about how to translate that to your hair one haircut is not a one size fits all so I’m not expecting that you would get the exact same haircut that I have but it could at least help you guys start a conversation on what you want I also did a whole blog post on how to have a great consultation with your hairstylist it’s basically just how to figure out what you want first of all and then how to communicate that effectively to your stylist I think that’s really hard to do I get a lot of questions I’m like what do I say to my stylist to get this and I mean there’s not a one size fits all answer but hopefully these tips and tricks that I wrote down that I use myself when I go into the salon will help you guys to communicate with your hairstylist better I really wanted this not just to be like I hey this is my transformation but I wanted to give you guys information that you can use to have great transformations yourselves so hopefully those two posts that I made will be really helpful they’re both linked down below and that’s it I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing my new color and I will see in my next post huh you.

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