Hey all, Welcome back you guys to my first post of 2018. I’m so excited, I look like a hot bed. But this is what, I look like in the mornings after I’ve done my morning skincare I’m all glowy and shiny for my moisturizer. But besides the point I’m postging today like, I said maybe, I didn’t. But I’m postging.

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So welcome to my first post, I am getting my hair done and, I thought that would be the perfect occasion to start postging for this year and, I think, I promised myself last year, I told myself that, I should post more often on my blog to kind of you guys can get to know me more instead of like the really professional feel in my studio, I want to take you guys along with me in my everyday life I’m very excited. Because today I’m getting my hair done I’m a little bit nervous. But more excited. But a little bit nervous just. Because I’m going away from the blonde yeah, I love my blonde hair, I think, I will always come back to it. But I really need a break from bleaching and damaging my hair. Because of last year, I had a really bad dye job and it just really killed my hair especially like the ends you guys can see now this is what my hair looks like without any product, I washed it last night, and it’s air dry and this is what it looks like it’s it’s a mess it’s crazy, I have a lot of like you see those hairy here wide short that is not layers that is the hair that actually broke off my haircut is very blunt and, I get very subtle layers I’ll get a seed that is layers right there that’s the layer that, I like, I don’t like the layers that go really high or really short and then, I get my adds texture to give them more like a PC textured overall look.

But yeah, I have all of these little hairs that actually broke. Because my hair was. So over processed and over died. So I’m trying to get away from a blonde for a little bit and go back to more of like my natural hair color, I don’t know yet what she’s doing, I saw her, I sent her some inspiration pictures. So we’ll see we come up with that’s why I’m taking a guide with me. So right now I’m go get ready and put a little bit of concealer on to kind of fix this redness right here and a little bit on my eyebrows of brow product not concealer. So this is basically what, I do for everyday makeup concealer and then a little bit of eyebrows messes.

So I’m very excited for this new hair color a new phase of my hair, I hope you guys into. So let’s get ready and let’s go already guys, I am Eddie, I look slightly better eyebrows a little bit of concealer and I’m good to go except for this thing oh I’m excited, I already have butterflies in my stomach let’s go we are here love to do those all right whose is it our first how do you know what you would call this concoction right yeah baby what a smoker. So we’re just a big light all over and then you’re gonna put this right there the color what is it this is and usual mixed with a violet to give us a nice smoky result from the nice car we’re pretty that look I’m excited get it all there. So now we’re doing the actual colors they are. So amazing, I love it Vermont block, I you might even hear much now have the right yeah other. So now she would always look at the foils and she’d be causing the color on my hair taking the oil yes that’s amazing great now it’s seconds, I love that we met in rehab. So dark oh my gosh.

I’m so excited Wow now we’re going to wait and, I think we might go wash and then tone now that is the look you’re going for oh yeah the lighting is a really bad in here and the music is playing. But I am getting a hot towel treatment on my hair right now that is incredible it feels. So good and relaxing. So basically just like opens up the pores and just kind of lets it do the job even better the toner on your hair. So nice, I apologize for my shininess. But I had to show this to you guys this is amazing, I love this I’m having such a great time oh my gosh it’s quite we pick it up. But not really not really yeah and.

So I’m in the car, I couldn’t wait to show you guys this is what it looks like outside in the sunlight, I am obsessed well, I was a completely different person. So, I just met up with my hobby Andres he’s recording me, I just want you to show you guys what it looks like outside in the evening oh. I’m so obsessed Amanda. If you’re reading this you are incredible, I cannot say enough good things about you and your creativity your artistic abilities, I am just. So overwhelmed and of just how beautiful my hair looks and feels, I have never been more in love with my hair color honestly it’s just wow thank you. So much, I love it you’re the model for us yes it looks. So good right, I love it and it feels even better all my goodness, I may have shed a tear or two of happiness.

So the next morning, I just quickly want us to finish off the post and show you guys my hair looks like during the day early morning with the nice Sun brightness, I love that I’m obsessed. But even more, I just can’t take a man enough for creating this she took my color and her color put it together and it just been an explosion of amazingness on my head, I just such a weird analogy. But you guys get it I’ll accept this color, I could not have created it even better she just basically went into my head and then she put it on my head, I know, I make so much fun for now. But you guys are getting the point she did an amazing job, I will have her information listen down below. If you’re in the Tampa Bay area go visit her right now she is amazing set up an appointment just to even have a consultation with her she had so much knowledge, I was. So impressed with her and she is just the sweetest she is a hair genius let’s just put it that way everybody else Heather was amazing she was an assistant that was helping Amanda with my hair and they were just. So kind the whole salon was.

So warming and welcoming and sweet and kind and caring and they were just amazing, I cannot say enough good things about it, I will have everybody linked down below. So give them a follow and like them. Because they are incredible. So basically what we did with my hair is you guys saw what the footage was there was a little bit of a process the first thing we had to do was put baby lights in my hair. Because, I want the dimension, I didn’t want a one flat color, I love the mention of my hair as you guys know. So baby lights the reason why she did it was. Because, I had a lot of regrowth for my natural roots to the blonde she didn’t want a crappy blending job in between the colors.

So the baby light was the first step unless you wanted with the actual color you see now and in between the baby lights and the actual hair that was left and then after that we did a little bit of Tony for the beta life of an entire entire head. So there was two Tony jobs and then we shampooed conditioned and we dried air dried bull dried is there beyond food treatment. Because two girls are blow drying my hair in the same time which is awesome make me feel very fabulous and then should give my hair a little bit of a style with a curl. So it took a total of a little bit over five hours to accomplish this which is incredible and, I am just. So happy the way it turned out my hair feel. So healthy and it looks healthy. So the haircut why we didn’t do that much.

Because all of these little short hair is. Because of the breakage is from the previous blonde. Because it was. So bad and damaged we’re going to wait for it to kind of grow out and I’m kind of wanted to have all of the same legs with a little bit of layers in between which is what, I always love for that type of haircut. So she’s just taking a really really quick tiny little trim everywhere just kind of she calls it the split on treatment or split on trim, I think is what she called it. But. If you guys have any questions regarding my hair color or hair cut you should email her follow her in Instagram like, I said, I think she’ll answer any of your questions she’s awesome.

But regardless was going to do anything drastic 50. Because, I want my hair to grow a little bit more and then we’ll give it a nice chop and yeah. So it’s not like crazy transitions like this like this is not our friend that’s where the hair broke off on the top it just feels. So healthy oh look. So healthy just. Because she used olaplex every single process and treatment and, I just can’t thank you enough for doing that, I recommend that for everybody especially. If you’re doing crazy hair colors from blonde to dark back to blonde you need that in your life and use it in your hair your hair will thank you.

But yeah, I am. So excited with my hair or hope you guys are too, I love this new change to give it out you know given different feel and look and I’m just. So excited with it, I can’t wait to creme hairstyles and really like thinking of what will look fast and. I’m so excited, I apologize for some of the posts that were a little bit out of focus. But I am NOT a pro at postging, I don’t have all of the equipment, I do want to get and a better wider lens with actually a hand or a stick or a handle to actually fold the camera like a little tripod, I don’t have that yet. Because, I blog. But I think maybe if, I like this and you guys like this kind of content, I will continue blogging for you with like different things in my everyday life let me know hit a thumbs up button comment down below.

If you want that to happen in the future or on this blog, I think that would be really fun and know this post is not sponsored, I am NOT being paid to say any of this, I really truly wholeheartedly appreciate my hair color and everything that the salon did for me especially Amanda and she she just listened to me what exactly what, I wanted and it just you know it makes me feel good when somebody does that especially with your hair you know. So yeah there we go finally this is again Wow rambling on. So like ten minutes straight, I don’t care, I love this hair color and, I love Amanda and everybody else there. Because we were amazing alright guys, I will see you guys in the next post let me all very much bye.

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