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It’s a new day, and it’s a new post which means for today’s post, I have a bunch of new products that are new to the market and I’m going to test them up for you guys first impression style. Because we have a lot of products a test today we’re going to start off right away and the first product we’re going to start off with is for the face it’s a base and this is by St edit it’s their new line for the Estee Lauder and this is the radiance activator it’s treat prep and glow. So just like the name says it’s a radiance activator where basically it gives you a nice radiant glow to your skin and at the store the girl told me you can use it as a radiant or illuminating primer which is exactly what I’m going to do today.

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So in take one pump and it kinda reminds me of the Becca perfecting primer, I think that’s what it’s called. But I just just look at that just gives a beautiful glow to your face I’m going to work that into my skin and to go with the primer, I got a new foundation this is the Urban Decay all nighter liquid foundation, I got the shade 3.25 and this is an all matte foundation, and it’s super super opaque. So that’s why, I put an illuminating primer underneath. So it’s not going to be too matte on my skin I’m going to start off with one pump first and then work my way up. Because, I heard that this foundation is super high coverage. If it works there we go I’m gonna just get a light nice base in my face first and I’m gonna go in my dampened booty blend or just blend it all together we’re just one pump the coverage is really nice wow you guys I’m obsessed with this foundation, I didn’t think, I would.

Because I’m not really the biggest hand of matte foundations. But within like an illuminating primer something really moisturizing underneath wow that’s a very pretty I’m just taking a little bit more and going over some spots where, I want a little bit more coverage the blend is very easy and it sets very nicely as well it’s not sticky at all anymore next the product is a new concealer by Becca and this is their aqua luminous perfecting concealer and, I got the shade light I’ve also heard great reviews on this product and, I love mix and matching different brands and seeing how while they work with each other. So I’m excited, I think one of my favorite products to test out is like foundation and concealers who also feels that way this concealer comes with a doe foot applicator, and it’s a little bit wider which, I really like. If it’s perfectly in the inner corners of my eyes, I think we use a dampened beauty blender to blend this out as well it’s blending out very easily and very smooth. But it’s definitely not as high coverage as I’m used to with like the it cosmetics waterproof concealer and whatever is left on though beautiful and I’m going to take it up on my eyelids. So for I’m very impressed picked out a good bunch, I just set my under eye concealer with the laura mercier secret brightening powder and I’m not going to set the rest of my face. Because when, I do get a foundation, I like to just test it out the way it is without powdering it or setting it for the day and see how well it wears next for the face, I picked up a new product I’ve never tried a liquid bronzer before and this is by the brand cover FX and this is their custom enhancer drops in the shade sunkissed, I know they have the highlighters the liquid highlighters and they were all sold out in Sephora and this was the only bronzer shade that was still available and it looked pretty good.

So we’ll test it out in my skin tone. So. Because it does come with a dropper this is really great and versatile. Because you can work into any makeup that you want let’s see your foundation is too light just add a tiny bit of this and it will just warm up your foundation. But I’m gonna use it as a bronzer on its own today to see how it works. So I’m gonna take a little drop, I should have mixed it let me mix it first soompi shake it’s literally water it looked like something pooped on my hand. So watery let’s try this one more time wow, I didn’t grab enough I’m such a failure today alright let’s do this a little bit more there we go, I think that’s plenty.

So I’m just gonna take the back of my Beauty Blender dampened I’m just gonna take a little bit I’m gonna start working that on my cheekbones oh wow look at that, I love how easy it is to plan, I just give this subtle oh my god oh no what I’m saying like, I lost the word subtle not even contour subtle definition to my face without being too defined who’s the fairest of them all that cover FX custom enhancer drops in this shade sunkissed wow this stuff is actually really awesome I’m obsessed it is the fairest of them all next product is obliged by Marc Jacobs, and it’s their new line airbrush, and it’s a soft glow duo blush and, I got the shade 502 lines and last night just look at how pretty it is it starts off with this beautiful champagne gold and it kind of goes into the terra cotta peach that you just want to eat when it’s mixed together it just makes the perfect blush shade which, I love look how pretty that is I’m going to take a blush brush by Sonia Kashuk this is number 29 and I’m gonna swirl these two shades together ah. So pretty oh look at that oh yes wow it blends. So easy. So easy Wow it gives it this beautiful soft glow to your cheeks without going overboard, and it’s not as shimmery or glittery just a beautiful radiance before, I move on to the eyes, I have one more last face product and this is the kathleenlights highlighter palette with makeup geek, I was. So excited to receive this product well, I purchased it and, I received it in the mail. So pretty Wow look at that oh my goodness, I love the range of highlighters that she has, I feel like it will suit any skin color any skin tone. So pretty for anybody anybody I’m gonna take the anastasia beverly hills brush a 23 i’m gonna start off with night light oh my goodness whoo well then that is.

So pretty now that I’m done with the face I’m going to move into the eyes and, I have a new eyeshadow palette and this is by Marc Jacobs this is their new 240 about last night palette with 20 new eyeshadows. So like, I mentioned you do get 20 shades in here 20 eyeshadows and for the price $99, I think it’s still quite expensive. But you do get a lot of great range of colors you have mattes you have shimmers you have your whites you have your transition colors and, I think it’s perfect for travel. Because you have this beautiful nice sized mirror, and it’s a really great quality mirror man this is just a beautiful palette for the eyeshadow look I’m going to do a very soft daytime glam with smoked out eyeliner with the eye shadow I’m going to take this beautiful baby pink shade and number 18 has a little bit of shimmer in it and I’m a packet all over my lid with a Mac 239 brush that is such a pretty color such a soft pink I’m going to take the back of the same brush and I’m going to take the number 17 eyeshadow and this is beautiful pale silver kind of beachy tone that is nice and shimmery and I’m going to highlight my brow bone wow that’s. So pretty and then, I just flipped it around to the other side I’m just going to blend it in with the other eyeshadow that, I applied to give my crease more definition I’m going to take the shade 20 that’s a beautiful kind of like this Brown red brick color I’m going to take on a soft blending brush and this is by the Sigma brand blending e 25 brush I’m going to focus mostly of the color on the outer corner of my eyes and then work my way up and what helps me get right into my crease. Because my eyes are a little bit hooded, I look up like this that way my eyes are nice and open and kind of popped my eyes a little bit back and that kind of helps to open up my eyes wow these blend very easy and they have a lot of pigment and then whatever is left on the brush I’m going to start bringing it inwards I’m going to give it a more soft smoky look I’m going to take it right in the end I’m going to start taking it towards the eyebrow like. So very gently this will help smoke it out to define my upper and lower lash line to take this shade right here number 19 it’s this beautiful purpley greyish shade with a little bit of shimmer in it and I’m going to take my Sigma smudge brush II 21 I’m going to start in the outer corner and make my way towards the inner and smudge it out I’m going to take something beautiful brown shade that’s matte number 20 I’m going to pop it on the lower lash line.

But mostly focus it on the on the outer portion right here whatever is left I’m going to bring it a little bit towards the inner. But not all the way to highlight this, I look a little bit more I’m going to highlight the inner corner using my Sigma shader efore t6 brush and the same eyeshadow number 17 that we used for the highlight for the brow bone I’m going to take some of my mascara by Tarte this is our lights camera lashes mascara I’m just going to plop a couple of layers on my eyelashes, I love the way that eyeshadow looks these colors make my eyes pop so much especially their blue and the green together what do you guys think, I love the way came out it’s the perfect daytime soft glam look and last. But not least is a lip product this is not a new lip product on the market per se. But it is a nude lip product for me and this is the Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick and the shade that I’ve wanted to get for such a long time. But it’s always sold out in my Sephora this is a shade bow-and-arrow already prepped my lips with coconut oil. Because, I know liquid lipsticks are super drying. But look at that how pretty is the shade, and it’s perfect for fall let me swatch this on the back of my hand oh.

So pretty look at that oh yeah alright. So there you have it this is my makeup look that, I put together what do you guys think, I think it’s super pretty, I especially love my eyes are popping at me right now. But for now I’m going to see you guys in a little bit when they first check in throughout the day and I’ll come back at the very end of the night and basically show you what it looks like after a whole day of fun alright first checking of the day it’s already 6 o’clock and honestly. So far, I think my face looks really good as that perfect glow to my face which, I like, I haven’t touched up my face, I didn’t a powder, I didn’t set it and, I want to see how the actual foundation wears on its own and, I think it’s doing very well, I mean my sister’s right now my two sisters from New York came to visit with their kids. I’m so excited I’m babysitting my little niece from Sarasota and we’re just having a really good time lipstick is still doing really good makeup eyes look really good the highlight is still poppin cheeks are still on bronzer Salon I’m very impressed. So we just came home and I’m ready to do my final update. Because it is already 3:11 in the morning we are exhausted for my final thoughts I’m gonna start off with my faced as you can see the products are still on, I am very impressed the only minor thing, I have to say is the concealer, I feel like, I can kind of see the bags starting to come out and my dark circles are kind of starting to get visible other than that nothing is creased after 15 hours of wear the foundation is still on it still looks good, I did in powder at all and, I definitely recommend it the cheeks are on the highlight is on I’m very impressed next moving on to the eyes for no primer at all in this humid heat here in Florida and, I was sweating, I think it did pretty well it did crease a little bit.

But I can fix that with an eyeshadow primer and then last. But not least for the lips it’s pretty much gone the lipstick. But I only apply that one time in the morning and, I ate, I drink we laughed we talked, I looked my lips whatever in between it came off. But it was I’m sure would be really easy to reapply and it would last even longer some overall thoughts, I would definitely recommend every one of these products they’re great they last a very long time especially in the humid heat and I’m very impressed like always thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you guys liked it, I just spit everywhere that’s disgusting let me know your comments down below, I love hearing from you guys I’m gonna go right now take this makeup off and get some shut-eye I’ll see you guys very soon in the next post, I love you all very much bye.

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