New Outfit Ideas for Summer 2019

When taking photos, add context. Include the background – see it as an opportunity to showcase the space you’re in. And if you’re travelling solo, don’t be shy to ask a stranger to take a snap of you!

The only thing nicer than having it your way is enjoying experiences with your besties. But if you’re travelling with others, there’s always an element of compromise involved. Still, make time to do the things you want to do. If you’re about that afternoon-nap life, get horizontal!

New Outfit Ideas for Summer 2019 Photo Gallery

Sentimental Silliness We all go silly for kitsch buys on vacation. It’s almost compulsory. But that ‘I love XYZ’ top could take the form of a more sensible fashion purchase – the kind you can wear after your getaway, like this fedora hat (R225).

Pack Like a Pro If you’re doing it for the ’gram, take a few key pieces that you can wear on the days you’re keen to share an #OOTD. But don’t over-pack: you’ll need fewer clothes than you think you will, and the extra space will come in useful for your travel finds.

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