The New Way For Stars Workout

ITS CALLED MOVING MEDITATION, and its the more think-y approach behind the latest New York City group exercise class (conveniently called The Class) thats shaping the minds and muscles of red-carpet stunners. (Naomi Watts is a regular to the 75-minute workout. ) It goes like this: You do body-weight tone-up moves and cardio bursts while inspirational language reminds you to engage your mind.

As the muscles fire up, it invokes a psychological reaction,  explains class creator Taryn Toomey. We stay in that contraction and then use sound, shaking, and stomping to release the tension in the body and the I cant message in the mind.

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? Youre not just getting a stronger and leaner physique, youre setting yourself up to move through your day more mentally connected and clear, Toomey explains.

You can try it out during any workout.

Simply tune in to what youre feeling physically and direct your mind to help you through it. So, if you swear you cant eke out that last rep, just think of it as a negative feeling that you are working out of the body.

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