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JANNA Firm and brighten with this cocktail of seriously luxe (and scientifically backed) ingredients: black diamond truffle extract, refined 24-carat gold and South Sea pearls.

JANNA All the goodness of La Mer’s iconic creams in a lightweight oil, aka liquid gold” (the affectionate nickname I use as I slather it on at night).

The beauty industry is famous for showing extreme looks and altered images and it can be hard to trust the results of aesthetic treatments just by looking at an image. This is why dermal fillers and skin hydration boosters were put to the test. At an event in Berlin, hosted by Sharon Stone, leading representatives from the beauty and wellbeing industry were invited to mingle with the proof – ten sets of identica twins. Only one sibling in each set of twins was treated, so the guests could see the real-life results, with and without aesthetic treatments


New day, fresh start. Discover one Blog reader’s yoga mojo and why you really don’t want to sleep in this Saturday

It’s a tick after sun-up and Sophie Palmer’s eyes are open. Actually, she’s already on the beach and in a headstand. Since first clicking with yoga 10 years ago, Sophie has rolled her mat out on the sand to jumpstart every morning. She teaches an early class even on weekends. It’s a beautiful time to move the energy around the body and set the foundation for a peaceful, calm and grounded day,” she swears. Bonus: while the UV index is low, Sophie soaks up vital vitamin D with bare arms and legs. I wear SPF to protect my face, though – a light but really hydrating lotion packed with active antioxidants. Yoga is when I focus on nourishing my entire self.”


Use the free viewa app and scan this page to watch an interview with Sophie and see her yoga moves.

WEAR: Dr. LeWinn’s Private Formula Day Cream Moisturiser Light SPF 15, a sheer new take on the original cult moisturiser. WHY: Instant hydration sinks in faster than you can wiggle into lycra, and refreshes skin all day. It’s an un-greasy base for foundation if you’re going to breakfast right after a workout. BEST FOR: All multi-taskers.

This is sun protection, antiageing action and deep moisture in one. Clinical trials show it boosts hydration by 50 per cent in one hour.*

POWERED BY: It’s practically a super smoothie for a morning face – a dose of Hydroviton‚ Plus, blended into a trio of revitalising berry extracts, antioxidant argan oil, cell-renewing vitamin A and SPF 15.

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