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Cereal sweep

Cereal packets can display misleading messages. Behind the promise of a nutritious start to the day is a cereal containing a lot of sugar. Take a good look at your cereal packets and see how much sugar they contain. A good breakfast cereal should contain hardly any sugar. It should be a useful source of fibre, not sugar.

Remember, you’ll only crave sugar at breakfast if you don’t get enough sleep, because your body interprets lack of sleep as an energy deficiency. You’ll be tempted to meet these false energy demands with a cereal containing lots of sugar. Part of your Slim Habit is getting the right amount of sleep, so bin those sugary cereals. On your next shopping trip you’ll be looking for a new cereal which is low in sugar and high in fibre.

No more sugary cereals!

What type of bread do you buy? Brown or wholemeal bread are the best options because they contain the most fibre. Why not white bread? Simply because it’s had all the goodness taken out of it because it’s made with refined flour. BUT the real danger is that most commercial bread contains lots of salt. We get over 25% of our daily salt intake from bread. As little as two medium slices of the worst example could contain 1 gram of salt, and your RDA for salt is 6.

Salt is needed in the baking process, but the reason there’s so much in commercially-produced bread, buns and bagels is that salt increases shelf-life. It might shorten yours.

Don’t buy bread where the salt content is not clearly marked ‘per slice’. (You’ll get a shock when you see how much salt is in each slice) Choose brown or wholemeal rather than white. If you want truly delicious bread, buy a bread maker. It’ll save you money in the long run and you’ll have delicious low-salt bread.

A slice is nice, but not too many!

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