Before and After Nonsurgical Face-Lift

A new two-phase lifting treatment promises a redefined jawline and fresher look ready for your big day NOT SO LONG AGO, THE ONLY SOLUTION FOR LIFTING AND CONTOURING THE FACE AND JAWLINE WAS SURGERY.

Now, thanks to a clever combination of technology and injectables, it’s possible to both treat a double chin and restore facial contours without going under the knife. Pioneered by leading cosmetic doctor Dr Tracy Mountford and her crack team, this two-phase approach treats the face as a whole for a more natural, balanced result.

Before and After Nonsurgical Face-Lift Photo Gallery

The concept is simple – Mountford’s team uses the new CoolMini applicator to treat the lower half of the face. For the upper half, injectables are used to beautify, enhance and lift the brow, cheek and eye area. This treatment combination achieves naturally wonderful results with minimal discomfort or downtime. Here’s a closer look: PHASE ONE The jawline is treated with the CoolMini to contour, streamline and remove unwanted jowls and double chin fat. Its small, precision design makes it the ideal solution for targeting these trickier pockets of fat (also ideal for inner thighs and stubborn areas around the bra line).

Using CoolSculpting™ technology, subcutaneous fat cells are frozen, and subsequently broken down by the body. The inflammation this causes triggers a healing response within the skin tissues, which has a tightening effect. And the result of all this is a firmer, defined and camera-ready jawline. PHASE TWO Next, Mountford’s highly-skilled medical team treat the upper face with the most sophisticated HA dermal fillers and muscle relaxants. These address the loss of volume and any unwanted fine lines and wrinkles, as well as generating a ‘lift’. Together, phases one and two create a beautiful, harmonious result.

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