Now What Were The Diets That Produced Such Varied Results ?

This health diet, eaten by the animals and the human beings in some parts of northern India, consisted of whole wheat flour, unleavened bread lightly smeared with fresh butter, sprouted Bengal gram (legume), fresh raw carrots and cabbage ad libitum, unboiled whole milk, a small ration of raw meat with bones, once a week, and an abundance of water for drinking and washing purposes.

The ill-balanced diet fed to the animals that developed the thirty-nine varieties of diseases common among the human beings eating the same type of food consisted mostly of cereal grains, vegetable fats, with little or no milk or butter or fresh vegetables.

The experiments by Dr. Pottenger, the large-scale investigations carried on by the Rockefeller Foundation, and research carried on at many of our universities have conclusively demonstrated the importance of nutrition in the prevention and control of heart and blood vessel diseases.

They also proved the superior value of uncooked foods over cooked foods and have amply demonstrated the importance of including a liberal amount of raw fruits and raw vegetables in our diet, proving furthermore the superiority of natural, unrefined food products over refined denatured foods.

So far as the findings of Drs. Pottenger and Heiser in relation to meat are concerned, we do not wish to imply that meat be eaten raw, but their findings are clear. If meat be eaten, it is best eaten raw.

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