Oh-Lief Olive Skincare Beauty Products

The sibling founders of the Oh-lief beauty range share a passion for all things natural.

Sisters Christine Buchanan and Louiza Rademan (right) founded Oh-lief beauty products in 2010 out of a love for natural products that would be as gentle to skin as on the environment. We asked Christine more about this home-grown brand that’s on the rise.

Your three favourite products?

Our luxurious Green Rooibos Body Oil, the Natural Aqueous Cream, and our new natural and organic sunscreen range, which is endorsed by CANSA, and is awaiting contains non-nano zinc oxide (which isn’t absorbed into the bloodstream).

What made you decide to launch a beauty range?

I was working in property, and my sister, bum balm she’d whipped up in her kitchen, using only natural ingredients, like olive oil. We like to say that Oh-lief is a gift of love, as that is exactly what the me and my baby boy. After the success of our baby range, and some begging and pleading from our customers for products they could use on themselves, we saw a huge gap in the market for beautiful organic products for adults, and so our luxurious adult range was born.

Why is natural/organic so important to you?

The skin is the body’s largest organ, so what you put onto your skin should be just as good as the food that you put into your body. We also have a strong belief in preserving the earth for our children and future generations.

How did the name Oh-lief come about?

The name ËOh-lief ‘ references olive oil, which is the main ingredient in all the products on the range. It’s also a play on the word Ëlove’ (in Afrikaans) a combined love for nature, your family and for your skin, and it further highlights the idea of our products being the ultimate gifts of love. What is the greatest thing about working together? We have the exact same goal even though we work differently, we know that the other is striving for the same goal and We also have complete trust in each other.

What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

Moisturise and treat your body in the same way that you would your face.

In addition, use products and ingredients that are as simple and as close to nature as possible. We also believe that one product can do the job of many for example, our Oh-lief Natural Olive Hand Wax can be also used as a facial cleansing balm (apply to your skin, then wipe away with a damp face cloth to remove dirt, grime and make-up), a moisturiser, an intensive leave-on face mask, a treatment for sunburnt skin or a salve for shaving rash (it contains renowned for its healing properties), as well as for its intended use: as a luxurious manicure wax.

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