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Pip also tried something a lıttle more permanent… ‘I also went to see Olivia Wilde at S-Thetics Clinic (sthetics.co.uk) in Beaconsfield for some Botox at £230. Sherina has the best bedside manner: she analysed my skin with the Visia machine and gave me a great talk on what was going on beneath the surface, and what kind of skincare would work best for me. Pre-treatment, she used an anaesthetic cream so that I felt no pain, then she did a light scattering of injections across my forehead, which lifted it slightly, and around my eyes, which worked well to smooth out the crow’s feet.’

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THE VERDICT ‘I have had Botox a few times before, but this was the most natural-looking result and I will definitely be going back. I could move my face, but I looked about five years younger – it gave me a great confidence boost for my big day.’

Olivia Wilde says; ‘The week before the wedding, I was literally on my knees with exhaustion. I had guests arriving from abroad who wanted to be entertained, and we hosted a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding – I worried I was going to get ill.’

THE SOLUTION ‘When a friend suggested an IV drip, I booked in for the VIP Elixir VitaDrip (£407) at the Elixir Clinic (theelixirclinic.com). For those who don’t like needles, Alex the nurse is super-sweet and I didn’t feel a scratch. The only side effects are a slightly metallic taste in your mouth as the vitamins enter the bloodstream, and some people experience a brief hot flush around the neck.

The drip is packed with vitamins C (to boost immunity) and B12 (for an energy kick), antioxidants and minerals such as magnesium – a natural muscle relaxant – and zinc to help settle a queasy stomach.’ THE VERDICT ‘If I could have this once a week, I would.

It takes just 40 minutes and I could feel the energy rushing back into me – the sluggish feeling had gone. It was an enjoyable experience; the clinic is lovely, with friendly, professional staff. I left with a spring in my step, and for a couple of days after I felt uplifted and energised. For best results, I would recommend booking in for this two days before your wedding.’

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