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Sasha Brookner, has connections any industry professional would kill for. Her gift for pairing her clients with some of the country’s most prestigious media outlets (Billboard, USA Today, InStyle, ELLE Décor, NY Times, Upscale, Essence and the list goes on) has made her one of the most sought-after reps in the business. Her press kits are like modern day 18th-century romantic literature—filled with art, history and poetic flair—and her access is undeniable. But like any good publicist, she’s kept the focus on her clients. Until now. “Over the years, I’ve set up hundreds of photo shoots.

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I’ve been the one to recruit stylists [and] I was always on set helping the stylist with pulling clothes and assembling outfits,” she explains. “Many times my clients preferred the outfits I put together, and I began getting requests for styling gigs but didn’t have the time. I decided to open a store with pieces that I love so people could wear my looks without me having to be on location.” Created by Brookner, Closet Vogue is an online boutique featuring high-end brands such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi Peekaboo, Celine, Giuseppe, Christian Louboutin and more. This new venture reveals a side of Brookner that is expressive, lavish and, no pun, fierce.

The pieces she selects for CV are reflections of Brookner herself: bold and rare. “It depends on the day,” she says of her own personal style. “I could leave home in sweats and a gele head wrap, or I could be decked out in designer duds. I love print midi skirts, ruffle puff-sleeve blouses, African jewelry and mules. My favorite piece right now is the new Gucci Elton Dionysus Bag embellished with orange python, floral applique and is just out-of-this-world fly.” Though Brookner was specific when creating Closet Vogue (she researched best SEO practices and continues to be intentional when balancing her time between Helio PR and CV), she is an attaché of sorts and seems to add a little magic to everything she touches. “I enjoy the geometric, colorful patterns of clothes the same way I enjoy looking at paintings by Claude Monet. In fact, my screensaver alternates between Irises in Monet’s Garden and the new Garden of Eden Gucci ads,” she says. “I just want to create a place where people can wear high-quality fashions at discounted prices, and right now, I’m happy with the pace Closet Vogue is moving at.”

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