Silky Clay Mask

For all skin types teaspoon kaolin clay 2 drops rose essential oil 11/2 teaspoons green clay (preferably French) 1 tablespoon rosewater 11/2 tablespoons aloe Vera gel Instructions: 1.... Read more

Skin Toner

1 drop Rosewood essential oil 1 drop Palmarosa essential oil 2 drops Lavender essential oil 8 oz Distilled water Instructions 1. Pour distilled water and then essentials oil... Read more

Sandalwood Essential Oils

A powerful fighter of bacteria and viruses, sandalwood essential oil, offers a host of benefits to the skin when properly applied. Let’s consider a few of these applications.... Read more

Peppermint Essential Oils

All through history, peppermint essential oil has been used to soothe tummy troubles, cure bad breath and relieve headaches, colic, gas and heartburn. Emotionally, peppermint helps to ease... Read more