The purpose of this technique is to provide total rest for the eyes. Once you have done palming for a while, you will be better able to feel eye strain. All people with impaired sight strain their eyes in their attempt to see better. Palming allows you to develop a relaxed sense so that the other exercises can proceed more smoothly.

Palming is done while sitting at a table with the eyes closed. Rest the elbows on the table and position slightly cupped hands over the eyes, with your fingers crossed on the forehead. The elbows should be supported so that the back is comfortably straight and so that there is no undue pressure on the neck, shoulders and arms. Be aware also of the importance of the position of the feet in achieving a relaxed and comfortable posture.

Palming is an excellent way to rest and heal your eyes. You have everything you need with you at all times. I have seen remarkable results in terms of vision improvement in patients who have done this exercise as their only form of treatment. Anyone can practice it, and it is highly recommended as a way of preventing serious eye disease.

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Do not touch your eyes with your hands. The hands touch only the bony eye sockets. All light is sealed out. In this way, you will begin to recognize the feeling of relaxed eyes. There may be firm contact between hands and face (avoid excessive pressure) but none at all between hands and eyes. Do this exercise at least twice a day, working up to fifteen minutes each time. It is worth experimenting very carefully to find the best position as a very small difference in the height of support can have a big effect on comfort.

Quick Palming

Quick Palming is a variation on the palming technique which is particularly suitable for ARMD patients. It avoids any risk of inadvertently putting sustained pressure on the eyes and combines stimulation with relaxation. Sit relaxed with the eyes closed. Place the hands, palm upwards, in the lap. Feel the flow of energy from the eyes through the face and neck, down the arms and into the upturned hands. Feel the connection between the open palms and the eyes, wanting to complete the circuit. Continue to feel that energetic connection as you

slowly raise the hands to the face, sitting upright and using the arms, without hunching the body. Let the hands approach the face very slowly, so that it feels like a sunset as they eventually wrap around bringing warmth and darkness. Hold the hands in position just as long as it is comfortable. Before the arms begin to tire, release the palms from the eyes and again slowly return the hands to the lap. Repeat as often and for as long as you feel that it is helpful.

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