This Christmas will be extra special for US star Paris Hilton, as it’s the first one she’ll be spending with her boyfriend, Austrian multimillionaire Thomas Gross.

The pair met at the Cannes Film Festival in May and have been inseparable ever since.

Paris, 34, has already admitted that she would like to marry her entrepreneur beau and have children with him.

And now celebrity pal Kim Kardashian, who once worked as her PA, has had her son Saint, a brother for two-year-old North, it has made Paris even more broody.

She says: North definitely makes me feel broody because she’s so adorable.

I love all her outfits and it makes me feel happy to see friends like Kim having all these beautiful babies and dressing them up and being so cute.

I It would be great to have a daughter – to have a mini me – so I can dress her up as me. g It’s going to be so much fun. s I can’t wait to have kids. I would love to 8 have two or three. I loved growing up with ‚£ my brothers and sisters so I wouldn’t just S want one. I’m very traditional though – I’d like to get married before I have children.‚

CHRISTMAS SURPRISES Although she’s not making wedding plans ‚£ just yet, Paris is planning her first Christmas ‚£ with Thomas, 39, and she can’t wait. makes me broody!’

Paris Hilton tells Closer about finding happiness with a man who isn’t interested in her for fame

She reveals: We live in Zurich, Switzerland, but we take a helicopter over to St Moritz and Courchevel in the French Alps. We like to go skiing and we’ll be visiting my family in Los Angeles and going to see his family in Austria as well.

Then Thomas is planning a surprise romantic vacation, but I’m not sure yet where that will be. I know it’s going to be super romantic and he has said to bring some bikinis, so I think it’s going to be somewhere tropical.‚


Heiress Paris is worth an estimated ‚£66m, while Thomas is reportedly worth over ‚£130m – and Paris admits it will be hard to decide what to buy him for Christmas!

She says: I don’t know what I’m going to get him. It’s hard to find something for someone who has everything.

I write love letters to him,

I draw pictures and I make collages, but I have to get him something special.

Thomas is very generous,

She’s bought me the most amazing watches and iowellery, and treats me like a princess.‚

Paris’ previous romances, ::4th the likes of Backstreet .:-oy Nick Carter, have been I: !ayed out in the glare of the : potlight, but Paris is keen t -. keep this romance a bit Tiore private.

She says: My boyfriend likes the quiet life. We’ve Ken living in Europe since May and he’s very private.

I I r’ a businessman and he doesn’t like being around the I I: >1 lywood lifestyle. He is completely different but I’ve really enjoyed that.‚


She adds: It’s very difficult in my position to find someone who loves you for you, and I know with Thomas that he wants nothing from me.

With others, there has always been an intention. When you live in Hollywood, some guys might want to make a name for themselves. I feel like a lot of people stay with other people in the industry for the perks.

But it’s nice to have someone who doesn’t like any of that and who doesn’t need anything from me except for love – and that’s what real love is.‚


While Paris may be heir to the multimillion-pound Hilton Hotel fortune, she’s also very much the businesswoman. She’s built up a hugely successful fragrance line worth an estimated ‚£1.6bn, and has just released her 20th perfume, With Love.

Paris says: I think one of the biggest misconceptions about me is that people say: ‹“She’s spoilt’ and ‹“She comes from a rich family so everything has been handed to her and she’s never worked a day in her life.’

Paris says she’s never been healthier‚

She’s always been known for her super-slim figure, but Paris tells us she’s never been fitter or in better shape – thanks to her boyfriend.

She reveals: Thomas has a gym and spa in his house and we work out together.

He’s really into fitness, so he’s inspired me to want to take better care of myself.

I’ve never been healthier and I’ve never worked out so much in my life.

I do weighttraining, Pilates,swimming, hiking and surfing.

I’ve been eating oatmeal every morning, and I drink wheatgrass juice and smoothies. I eat chicken, fish and vegetables – no more fast food or cola for me.

I’m in the best shape of my life and my stomach is flatter without eating sugar.‚ While many Hollywood stars opt for plastic surgery, Paris says she refuses to go under the knife.

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