Need to ramp up your festive look? Take your lead from stylish A-list party pros

This is the best we’ve seen Kendall look yet! And if you don’t have a fringe, cheat it with a clip-in one. Section off the hair around your forehead and pin back, then secure the faux fringe on top with the built-in clip. Gently brush hairto merge together, then scoop the remaining hair into a topknot.

Wbo’d have thought red eyeshadow could be so gorgeous! Copy Selena’s look by smoothing an oil-absorbing primer over lids to -vent colour from creasing. Layer shadow over lids, along the

bottom lashline, winging out at the corners – use a blending brush to soften edges. Mop up mistakes with foundation.

The ’90s zigzag parting just got cool again. Actress Julianne’s deep chevron style requires only a tail comb to carve out the shape from the crown to the forehead. Pull the remaining hair into a low-slung loop and smooth a glossing serum on top.

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