It is a great mistake to suppose that these are necessarily connected, and that a passionate woman is more likely to become pregnant. Many cold‚ women conceive easily, while passionate women do not. The susceptibility to pregnancy does not depend upon the feelings and emotions; rather upon the general receptivity of the sexual organism. After the semen has been emitted, there is always a certain suction, inwardly, by the woman’s sexual organs; and there are cases on record where semen emitted only at the external orifice of the vagina has been drawn up in this manner, and the woman has become pregnant. It is quite possible to have sexual relations without feelings of passion, and, on the other hand, to have intense feelings without pregnancy taking place. These facts should be borne in mind, since there seems to be a common belief among women that, if they do not experience a sexual crisis themselves, they cannot become pregnant. This is by no means true. A cold and unresponsive woman may become pregnant, while a very passionate woman may go for years without conceivin.


Most men are under the impression that there is a certain safe‚ period during the month when it is virtually impossible for women to become pregnant. Theories have been advanced as to a rhythm in the woman’s monthly cycle (the period be-tween one menstruation and the next), and charts and dia-grams have been published, showing when the woman is likely to conceive and when she is not. Medical science now regards all such theories as purely fictitious; there are no safe‚ days in a woman’s life! However, it is quite true that she is definitely less likely to become pregnant at certain times during the men-strual cycle than at other times.

However, it is a truism of medical teachings that every woman is a law unto herself‚ and slight variations do exist. This subject is fully discussed in the companion book Family Relations Guide for Women‚


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