Which Path Should I Take Now?

I have been through various challenges in my life but I have always managed to count my blessings and to be grateful for everything that happens to me, the good and the bad. At the moment, however, I feel a bit lost. It feels like my life is lacking in direction and I'm not quite sure what to do next. Do you have any advice to help me get my life back on track, or any insights into what I should do next.

DIANA SAYS: Most people have been through challenges that have given them the chance to strengthen themselves and hone their abilities; now is the time to decide which spiritual path you are on.

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Are you a healer, a teacher, a light worker or something different? Try sitting quietly each day and asking Archangel Gabriel to help you decide on your path and what course of action you should take next. When you have decided, ask Archangel Metatron to open doors for you so that you can move onto your path of soul satisfaction and happiness. The Sun is waiting to shine in your life. ?

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