Hi everybody, Welcome back to my blog So, I wanted to create a makeup tutorial with some kind of color in the ice and two different lipstick choices that, I did was nude and then a pop of color. If you want to be more daring and revolt alright let’s jump into the makeup tutorial.


So the first step, I did was apply some sort of base to my eyelids. So the bright eyeshadow can grab onto and this is the jumbo pencil in milk by NYX the eyeshadow that, I chose is called free to be by Mac and this is such a pretty corally pink eyeshadow that has a really nice matte finish take a flat shader brush and apply it on your eyelid all the way up to your crease and slightly blend out when you get to the crease next, I took the color embark by Mac it is a really pretty dark rich brown color with slightly warm red undertones taking the color embark with a small blending brush, I put it right into my outer corners of my eyes and, I blended it inwards towards the inner corners of my eyes taking a clean blending brush is a 2-1 7 by Mac without any product, I continue to blend it even more to help on these two colors even more, I jus of my favorite transition color which is Peach Smoothie by makeup geek and just took a bigger blending brush and just blended all of the colors together. So the next step is eyeliner, I chose to do my eyeliner in gel you can do liquid or pencil whichever you like for me, I like the job better for this type of look, I have more control what kind of wing, I like, I went for the longer and more dramatic wing for this look. Because, I like it and to finish off my eyes this is totally optional by blended my lower lash line with Peach Smoothie and Coco bear by both makeup geek next step is mascara obviously. So the, I just want to show you guys the difference with this mascara this mascara is crazy this is just one coat. So the last step is lipsticks, I actually have two different lipstick options for you guys. So if you want more bold and daring or.

If you want just really simple and nude. So, I actually had mixed two colors together by Mac sushi kiss and Costa Sheik and they’re just really pretty coral pinky and orange colors, I just love this and then the nude lip, I chose a world lip pencil and creme de nude lipstick and these just to go. So well together the pencil is darker and some more by lip color. But slightly darker and, I just outlined the outer corners of my lips and then just applied the lipstick right on top and then went back in with a pencil and then just blending them together and that’s it from a makeup tutorial really simple really fun way to incorporate color eyeshadows into your everyday life let me know what you guys think down below with a different two lip colors and as always thank you for reading my post.

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