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Natural aromatic oils penetrate the skin to soften, nourish and protect the skin regardless of age or type of meat, and include components that stimulate, regenerate, and heal. However, if it is caused by an allergy or if the oil is not sufficiently purified, the accumulation of oil does not necessarily mean that your skin will not respond well.

To reduce the chances of an allergic reaction, perform a patch test for any product that contains ingredients that are new to your skin. Massage a skin area where you will not comfort or wash away a new product or component for 24 hours (if this is an essential oil, first dilute 2 drops in 1 teaspoon of oil).

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(I like to use the inside face of the thighs or the forearm area.)

If any swelling, redness, inflammation, or watery bubble occurs, you have an allergic reaction to the product and reshape the formula by replacing the ingredients you think you are allergic to.

Keeping in mind that the skin changes over time, a fat that does not cause any problems today can cause negative reactions in the future.

Undiluted essential oils can only cause adverse skin reactions due to intense naturalness. When using essential oils in your CHt care products, it is usually safe to use 2 or 3% (10 to 12 drops per 30 g of product: more sensitive and more diluted for children’s skin), but thoroughly examine the oil before use and consult an experienced aromatherapist to find out the correct method of application.

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