Peacock Yoga Pose

Low Confidence

Do you often feel uncertain of your ideas and opinions?

Are you reluctant to express yourself at work or in your personal life because you doubt that what you have to say is of value?

Are you unable to ask people out on dates because you assume theyll say no?

Do you doubt your ability to be effective in some area of your life?

Self-Critical Thoughts

Do you often hear a nagging voice inside your head telling you what youre doing wrong or what you could have done better?

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Do you beat yourself up unmercifully when you make a mistake?

Are you never satisfied with how you perform at work, no matter how well others tell you that youve done? Is this similar to your attitude toward grades when you were in school?

Emotional Symptoms Such as Anxiety or Depression

In most instances, do you find it difficult to enjoy your life?

Are you often worried? Do you find it difficult to relax because your mind is going a mile a minute?

Do you feel unhappy or sad much of the time, often for no specific reason?

Chaotic Family Background

Is your family of origin one you would characterize as highly combative or argumentative?

When you were growing up, did your family move around a great deal?

Did your parents have loud, sometimes scary arguments a lot of the time when you were young?

Would you characterize your family as dysfunctional? Were your parents or siblings often in trouble, running away from

home or unavailable emotionally?

Bad Habits and Addictions

Are you addicted to things such as drugs, alcohol, or gambling?

If you dont believe youre addicted, do you tend to become mired in certain routines that you cant escape from?

Do you frequently have to turn down requests or avoid certain behaviors because they would disrupt your routine?

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