Perfect Gift Ideas

Or Yourself. We Won’t Tell!

The Lisi Lerch Tassel earring are everyone’s favorite to give and receive. Available in 22 different colors and a necklace version.

Keeps your Apple EarPods on Your Ears

EARBUDi snaps on your iPhone or iPod earbuds and turns them into sport buds. Finally, your earbuds stay on for any activity. Available in heather grey, blue, pink, or neon-green.

Beachy Wave Hair Faves

Stars like Jessie James Decker air dry their way to perfect hair with Up For Air, then give volume and oomph with Texture Takeover, a lightweight, dry tousling spray. • @fave4hair


Yujin eX 500 Robot Vacuum with Smart Navigation and 5-in-1 Cleaning Technology, vacuuming has never been so intelligent. Experience iCLEBO eX 500, your Home Cleaning Helper with 5 different cleaning modes customized to your needs and lifestyle.

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