Permed Hair To Natural Curly 

Its not nice to tease

Back-brushing, back-combing or teasing your hair are some of the most damaging forms of aggressive torture you can inflict on your precious tresses. The negative effects can build up over time and become visible broken, spikey, little hairs that sit at the top of your head and wont lie down. Remember those 80s soft Metal Bands?

The Facts: These techniques are extremely harmful12 because they require the scales of the cuticle, which all lie pointing towards the tip of the shaft like tiles on a roof, to be lifted in the opposite direction. The cuticle scales are easily ripped off the next time a brush passes over them There is no way to repair this damage which leads to weakened hair that snaps off easily.

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Plastics arent always fantastic

Experimenting with the type of brush and/or comb you are using will give you an indication if you are causing hair damage. Again, comb and brush over a bathroom sink to check for broken hairs.

The Facts: Often plastic combs have a thin seam on the tips of the teeth. Hair can catch and break on these rough and sometimes sharp seams. In some cases, combing with a plastic comb can build up a static charge, which can result in frizz.

Long hair specialists often recommend 100% pure boar bristle brushes with wooden bases to prevent the build-up of static electricity during brushing, and because the bristles on the brush are the closest to replicating the natural structure of hair.11 Avoid brushes with plastic nibs on the ends of the bristles as these can snag on your fragile hair.

A quality comb is smooth without any areas that could damage hair.

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