Peter Pan

Stomping about in the air rather than landing gracefully. Peter Pan says: âœReal life is for grown-ups – it’s a trap…â

Well, it is. I refuse to go there.

I went out for dinner recently with Noel Fielding and I said: âœLook at us pretending to be grown ups.❠And he said: âœI’m not going to be a grown up!â

Are you a fan of Christmas?

I like it a lot, but it’s probably about time I had some children to have Christmas with! [Paloma has been with musician boyfriend Leyman Lahcine for more than two years.] I don’t think it’s as magical without them. Maybe it’s time I started thinking about that. What do you do for Christmas? I’m notorious for having the outsiders of society at my house for Christmas. Everybody who’s not got a conventional background comes to mine and

we end up having the best Christmas ever! If they didn’t come to mine they’d feel a bit miserable.

How has 2015 been for you?

I got in a cab the other day and the driver said: âœYou’ve done well this year.❠I said: âœHave I?!❠It’s hard to tell when you’re in it. I feel pleased, but I tend not to over-celebrate things because nothing feels final -the only finality in life is death. Do you believe in fairies? When I lost a tooth as a child I’d put it under my pillow and I’d get a very small letter from the tooth fairy. I had it in my head that she lived in a palace full of teeth. I do believe in them, 100 per cent.

Poldark star Aidan Turner, 32, will be covering up that famous chest in a snazzy suit for BBC1’s Christmas Agatha Christie whodunit And Then There Were None…

No stubble? Short-back and sides? What’s this we see?

I had a choice of either sitting around for six months between series one and two of Poldark, or doing some acting – and I wanted to play someone really different from Poldark. In this, I’m a dangerous customer who carries a gun. Tell us about the story?

It’s set just before World War II and 10 people have been summoned to a spooky old house on an island off the Devon coast. One by one, they die. Like the others, my character Philip Lombard could be the killer – or he could also become a victim at any time.

Was it fun to film?

Definitely! We were in the middle of nowhere, so immediately in the right place for something like this

– you don’t have to imagine being disturbed by your surroundings because you genuinely are!

What reaction have you had from fans?

I had quite a lot of gifts sent to me.

When I went to America to promote Poldark, I met people who’d travelled long distances to give me hand-drawn pictures of myself as Poldark and knitted versions of the character, which must have taken a long time and trouble to complete!

Any saucy proposals?!

That picture of me with a scythe (above) seemed to generate a good deal of excitement, but me as a sex symbol? That makes no sense to me. It was always more about the show for me.

I just wanted people to tune in and enjoy the stories. As long as everything else that was going on didn’t prove too much of a distraction, I was fine about it – even if I didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about!

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