Petticoat Parlour

Walking into Cape Towns Petticoat Parlour is like stepping straight into the best features of the 1950s. Situated in bustling Green Point, this time warp is an unexpected and a welcome break from the modernity of the 21st century. And this is what Wendy Chait, owner of the retro-inspired spa, envisioned when fi rst opening the business fi ve years ago. Having always been fascinated by the period “ from its pin-up girls to the American diners and the vintage cars “ Chait set about recreating it in her spa.

As you walk in, you are transported to a time where women wore full skirts, spent the evenings dancing at diners and ate popcorn out of white-and-red paper bags.

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With Petticoat Parlour it was important for me to bring those elements into this day and age, because the era was full of fun “ and most people love it. Visit Za to see just what she means.

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