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Sophisticated guitar, honest lyrics and something unmistakably raw about this soul-searching album

A follow up to his 2014 EP, NOTHING AND EVERYTHING is Philip Marino’s new album release (October 2, 2015). It boasts 12 tracks; all penned by Marino himself, and all with their own sense of individuality. Some will make you think, others will make you smile, and one or two might even make you move. But all of them will make you take note of this talented American artist.

With the help of celebrated Essex singer-songwriter and producer, Kevin Pearce, Marino has managed to create a diverse album that showcases his talent as both a songwriter and an artist. Of course,

you can hear his musical influences, which include the likes of Neil Young, Bob Dylan and John Mellencamp, to name but a few. Ultimately though, it is the distinct Marino flavour that makes this a hotly anticipated release.

The stunning instrumental that is the intro to Big White Moon grips listeners immediately, whilst Marino’s voice stands out with just the right balance of grit, emotion and dynamism. A strong start to the album. Following the opener, we have soulful tracks like Feel The Fire and Away, as well as the more up-tempo All Fall Down, with its quiet defiance and just a hint of the 1970s to it.

Never Enough is next, and it is a poignant track. Musically, it is a soft, sweet number. Lyrically, it’s an honest look at life and a stark realisation at what most of us already know; ‘there’s never enough time when you’re just passing through’. Fittingly, the twelfth and final track is entitled End. And as Marino assures us that ends and new beginnings are good things, you can’t help but wish there was more album to listen to. Amy Jones

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