How to Pick a Good Botox Injection

LOUISE HAD THE ROSACEA/ACNE ASSASSINATOR FACIAL, FROM £190, FOLLOWED BY BOTOX INJECTIONS, £750, AT THE EUDELO CLINIC (EUDELO.COM) ‘I’ve had facials before, but this was in a different league. It is a dermatology-grade treatment, which is more results-driven than those at a spa or on the high street. I actually discovered I had rosacea, so the therapist did a deep cleanse followed by an enzyme peel, to remove dead skin cells, before giving me some gentle extraction that didn’t mark my skin at all.

She applied a collagen sheet mask and connected me to the D’Oxyva machine, which sent a charge of carbon dioxide around my body to speed up the skin’s circulation. An LED light was shone onto my skin to reduce bacteria and calm inflammation. Dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams then followed up by prescribing antiinflammatory Rozex cream and antimicrobial Soolantra cream, which made all the difference.

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I liked the fact she told me what I needed, as it takes away the guesswork of shopping for products that might not work. She also gave me light injections of Bocouture (a German Botox brand) around my forehead and eyes to soften, rather than freeze, the lines. The combined results were outstanding. I got my glow back for my wedding day and felt far more comfortable in my own skin.’

FACE Louise says ‘Now I’m in my thirties, I feel like my skin has lost its glow, and for the wedding it definitely needed some sort of a boost. I’ve noticed fine lines around my eyes, visible pores and an uneven skintone that often looks flushed. I also wanted to do something to bring more of a balance to my lips, because the top one is disproportionately thinner than the bottom one.’

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