Pilates Glute Exercises

Pilates Glute Exercises

VITAL NUTRIENTS For Exercises Full Workout

Calcium regulates and assists the smooth functioning of the heartbeat. Magnesium and calcium nourish the circulatory system.

Phosphorus is essential for proper blood circulation, regulation of blood pressure levels and heart muscle contractions.

Potassium is essential for the heart muscles, proper blood circulation, heart muscle contractions and a regular heartbeat.

Iron is required to carry oxygen.

Magnesium assists nerve impulses for the heart.

Silicon assists blood circulation Iodine protects against heart palpitations.

Sodium maintains blood pressure.

Vanadium regulates blood circulation.

Vitamin E promotes the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen, it assists the heart muscles to use oxygen more efficiently and protects against blood clots.

Vitamins C and P promote strong blood capillaries.

Vitamin B15 protects against hardened arteries.

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