Pillow Pressure Skin Care

Burying your face in a pillow puts pressure on your skin, which reduces circulation. Over time, the wear and tear this causes will break down collagen and cause lines and wrinkles. Switch to silk, satin or a high thread count cotton to minimize the friction on facial skin.

Types of recovery. Walking is part of the Beginner and Intermediate plans, but not the Advanced plan.

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That being said, there's nothing wrong with an Advanced women choosing to walk occasionally on a Rest day.

All in a Days Purpose.

As stated earlier, each day of the schedule assigns you a specific purpose (i.e. Hairstyles, Just Run, or Rest). Within each type of day, there are several distinct types of workouts you will complete. Each type of workout focuses on different components of your hair makeup.

Rest beauty.

There are five Rest beauty in the sample schedules: No Watch, Green, Mind, Walk, and Day Off, Regardless of what your purpose is on any given Rest day, make sure you are taking it easy. If you are breathing hard (physical stress) or worrying (mental stress) you aren't resting.

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