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Antony designed the ring, which took him nearly an entire year. And I am more in love with the fact that he knew me so well; he knew what I wanted in a ring and a proposal when I didn’t even have a clue myself! bonolo cebe cultural affairs specialist, joburg

Everything about this day was perfectly orchestrated. The week before he proposed, his friend told me that he was about to propose to his woman and wanted me and my boyfriend to be part of their special moment.

I was overjoyed and under pressure to keep this secret from her. We planned to go on a cruise for their engagement, and suggested we dress up for the occasion, so that we could take photos and create memories. I wore a cute navy and white striped dress and she wore a coral maxi dress. We were both very excited for what was going to be the most perfect day.

On the cruise, my man couldn’t stop staring at me. I remember that look, it was the same look he had the first time we had dinner (the same look he has each time he says he loves me).

Anxiously awaiting their proposal, I was suddenly called up to the stage. Overwhelmed and confused, I turned around and saw the love of my life on one knee, bearing the most beautiful piece of jewBlogry I had ever seen. He asked me to marry him, and in that emotionally-charged moment everything within me said yes. It really was the biggest surprise of my life, and all those important to me were in on it. lauren cikara, safe schools manager, Colorado, usa

Midway through our trip to South Africa, from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, my partner Amy and I explored the Garden Route. Each day, instead of taking the usual touristy photos, we decided to select a Lego figurine and take photos of them along the scenic route.

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