Pivoine Suzhou Armani Prive

WHO AM I? From fashion to fragrance, each Priv© scent is conceived with the same attention to detail that goes into creating a haute couture garment, and I am no exception. I am a celebration of the peony flower, a beloved symbol of the Chinese empire. Like a love rekindled, the peony is a flower that is reborn every year, representing happiness, grace and prosperity FAMILY CONNECTIONS I have three twin sisters. We are all Zen masters at heart, conjuring mysterious gardens and fragrant dreams. V©tiver Babylone is cool, calm and collected with her untamed nature and earthy scents. Rose Alexandrie is delicate yet strong, as her powdery yellow mimosa absolu blends with the freshness of bergamot to give way to a rich, heady scent. Figuier Eden is the sweet and spirited sister, her fragrance of fig trees and lingering amber woods recreating a Mediterranean paradise.

THE BOTTLE I am housed in the classic Les Eaux bottle. My lines are clean and transparent, offering a window to the golden crystalline fragrance within. Inspired by the perfect pebbles of a Zen garden, my stone-capped lid takes on a smooth and sculptural form, adding to my organic essence and feel.

NOTA BENE / ON THIS NOTE Giving off a bouquet of emotions, my bright top notes of tangerine, pink pepper and raspberry burst with voluptuous freshness, while my ultrafeminine peony accord is intensified with May rose and rose essence. My seductive side emerges as I caress the skin with warm amber-like notes, bringing it all together with a hint of patchouli.

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THE PRIV‰ WOMAN A woman who embodies natural perfection, she is something out of the ordinary. She is a breath of fresh air with a love and appreciation for life. She carries herself with style and sophistication, while embracing her femininity to the fullest.

WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY I have always been drawn to Asian aesthetics because of their rarefied elegance, pure lines and sophisticated use of colour. In particular, certain Chinese designs and use of materials have often inspired my collections. “ Giorgio Armani

Pivoine Suzhou is a floral textured, ultra-feminine, delicate fragrance with strong material content. It is a sophisticated fragrance offering a simple elegance, free of ostentation. “ Julie Masse & Cecile Matton, Pivoine Suzhou perfumers.

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