Pool Exercises For Weight Loss

The best muscle-building exercise.

Here is one exercise that will stimulate growth throughout your entire body. Researchers say that this exercise appears to trigger the release of natural growth hormone. It is also probably the hardest exercise you will ever do – breathing squats.

Put the bar on your shoulders, with a moderate amount of weight on the bar.

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If you are in reasonably good condition and can handle it, then load the bar with weight equal to about 10 to 20 pounds more than your body weight. Some trainees load the bar with all the weight they think that they can handle for 10 repetitions.

With the bar on your shoulders, your head held high and your back flat, slowly do a full squat. By slowly we mean to squat down in a controlled fashion. Do not drop quickly, and do not bounce at the bottom of the squat. Pick a spot high up on the wall in front of you and keep your eyes on that spot. That will help you to keep your back flat, so that the tension is on your legs and not on your back.

Keep your head high as you come back to the standing position.

Pause after you stand up, and take a deep breath. Fill your lungs. Do another squat in the same manner as the first one.

As you stand back up with the weights, remember to breathe. Let the air out of your lungs. Grunt and groan.

Never hold your breath; that could restrict blood flow and you might pass out. Breathe continuously.

After three or four repetitions, you may be getting short of breath. So take two deep breaths while you are standing. There is no need to rush through this exercise.

By the time you get to the 10th repetition, you may feel like you cannot do another one, as you stand there taking two or three deep breaths. But you can do another one. Now you see why you need to take your time – but not too much time.

The average person will stop afer 10 repetitions. Your goal is to do 20 repetitions. If you want to increase your muscular body weight, you will do 20 repetitions.

Of course, the first time you try this, do not attempt to do 20 repetitions. Work your way up to it.

Do 10 repetitions the first time. Then in your next workout, do 12 repetitions. Continue increasing two at a time until you get to 20.

Usually 20 repetitions is sufficient to stimulate growth throughout the entire body. Even your arms will get bigger.

Once you are used to this exercise, you might want to experiment with using 25 or 30 repetitions or higher weights. Just remember that you may make better progress by concentrating on your rest and recovery time. Give your body time to recover and grow.

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